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    CiRCE Booklist {III}

    November 15, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    I finally filled up another page after taking some time off to meditate on some of what I’d learned. This list includes not only books suggested by the person giving the lecture, but also any books that I heard a student mention favorably, especially if the teacher responded positively when the title was mentioned.


    Lecture: {Workshop 13} Integration, Imitation, Contemplation: The Natural Order of the Curriculum
    Lecturer: Leah Lutz

    Norms and Nobility:
    A Treatise on Education
    by David Hicks

    Leisure: The Basis of Culture
    by Josef Pieper

    Home Economics: Fourteen Essays
    by Wendell Berry
    {specifically, the essay Loss of the University}

    Lecture: {Workshop 10} The Nature of the Arts and Their Place in the Curriculum
    Lecturer: John Hodges

    Ideas Have Consequences
    by Richard Weaver

    by C.S. Lewis
    That Hideous Strength
    by C.S. Lewis
    {specifically, watch the character Merlin’s
    perspective on modern culture}

    In addition to specific titles, there were authors suggested: C. S. LewisPlato, and Saint Augustine.

    Lecture: {Workshop 15} The Deep Logic of the Language Arts
    Lecturer: Andrew Kern

    Ideas Have Consequences
    by Richard Weaver
    {you know it’s a winner if it is on the list more than once,
    from more than one lecturer}

    Summa Theologica
    by Thomas Aquinas

    The Book of Memory:
    A Study of Memory in Medieval Culture
    by Mary Carruthers

    The Craft of Thought:
    Meditation, Rhetoric, and the Making of Images
    by Mary Carruthers

    Kern, also, mentioned a couple authors. Maybe you have heard of them before: Aristotle and Plato.

    I will try to detail more of my notes on these lectures later. Of this particular list, Andrew Kern’s The Canons of Rhetoric was my favorite.

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