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    The Fruit of Her Hands

    November 10, 2009 by Brandy Vencel
    The Fruit of Her Hands
    buy Nancy Wilson

    Three books down! I’m sort of embarrassed about this one. Because I was reading it online, I didn’t realize I only had two pages left! Still, I’m enjoying the sense of completion.

    This is a great all-around Christian women’s book. Though a lot of the book deals with the issues surrounding marriage and motherhood, there were some words of wisdom for women in general.

    I was surprised that my favorite part was actually the odd assortment in the last chapter, which was titled Leftovers. Wilson tackled the proper handling of criticism, widowhood, honoring parents, and a brief Christian perspective on the nature of the wedding ceremony. Here is a quote from the latter:

    The wedding is a beautifully decorated doorway into a house. The substance is found beyond the doorway in the house, which is the marriage relationship of husband and wife. Keeping this simple but important distinction is a protection from becoming too distracted and mesmerized by the doorway.

    And also:

    Most couples today assume they can make all the decisions, and paying for it is all Dad’s problem. This is not honoring father and mother.

    In all: this is a good, solid book in the Christian living genre. Recommended.

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