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    New Teaching Reading Blog

    November 9, 2009 by Brandy Vencel

    One of the biggest search hits this blog gets is, of all things, “How do I teach reading using Bob Books?” Since I recently began using my set again with Neighbor M., I wondered if it would be helpful to share the process. I always thought of it as self-explanatory, but then again I have taught reading before, without said Bob Books, so perhaps I take for granted how much I bring to the table.

    After all, I didn’t know how to change a diaper or unfold a stroller when I had my first baby. The teenaged neighbor girl who helped me figure out my stroller looked at me like I was crazy. Wasn’t it obvious how it worked? No, it wasn’t. Not to someone who taught reading and didn’t babysit.

    Sometimes we forget other people don’t know the things we know.

    You know?


    As I was saying, I’m working on this new blog. It is going to be very, very simple. After I get up a couple introductory posts, the posts after that will essentially be my journal of teaching Neighbor M.

    If you are interested in teaching reading using Bob Books, feel free to join me over at Teaching Reading with Bob Books.

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