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    Tools of the Trade

    January 3, 2010 by Brandy Vencel

    I have some longer posts jumbling around in my head. I haven’t been able to write in days, nor even think, because we have been too busy having fun. We rang in the New Year with some old and dear friends, and then celebrated Q.’s third birthday with family and friends-so-close-they-are-family-too today and I’m about to drop.

    However, comma.

    I wanted to share with you two new tools that I learned about when my aunt was here visiting. She works with special education and gifted students within a public school system, and she is pretty excited about something she calls “assistive technology.”

    Now, if you know me, you know that I am not a gadget person. But this stuff is actually low, low tech and very, very helpful.

    The first is the Yoropen Pencil. I do not have a lefty, but I was discussing Neighbor M. {who is a left-handed} with my aunt and I told her I was amazed that the left-handed ever learned to write sentences because they cannot see what they have written and that would drive me crazy. Apparently, this pencil {they also make pens, and I even found a crayon when I was searching} is designed to force the optimum hand posture so that there is less of a problem in this area.

    The next is a tool that I am already excited to begin using on Monday: PenAgain Twist ‘n Write. This is a pencil designed for small hands that forces correct hand posture and makes it so much easier for the child to write. It is shaped like a wishbone. I tried it myself and felt like it helped keep my muscles from exhaustion while writing.

    Technically, these are not refillable. However, comma, I learned from my aunt that a certain drafting lead for refillable drafting pencils just happens to fit inside these pencils easily.

    I am excited to see if these improve my son’s writing and help him ease into cursive. Posture is more important for cursive than printing, and I was afraid that would be an obstacle for him, but I’m pretty confident, after trying them myself, that these pencils will do the trick.

    So there you have it: two new tools–my belated Christmas gift for you all.

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    My keyboard is acting up…it should’ve said I love your new blog look, Brandy!

    Happy New Year!

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