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    March 24, 2010 by Brandy Vencel
    Norms and Nobility:
    A Treatise on Education

    by David Hicks

    Do you remember our failed Norms and Nobility book club last year? I had planned it all out, and a number of you were on board for reading–and even blogging–along. And then Siah became ill and all of my summer plans, including the book club, flew out of the window. Life is that way sometimes.

    If any of you purchased the book at that time, good for you! For one thing, the lowest used book price is now five dollars greater than it was this time last year. More importantly, Cindy {who is far superior to me when it comes to running book clubs} is reading it portion by portion, and for those of you who were tempted to drown in the book, she’s walking us through in a way that is going to aid us in comprehending the ideas. Hicks packs a lot into a small space, and it can be overwhelming at times.

    Yesterday, Cindy blogged through Parts I and II of the Prologue. See? Small bites. They make a good meal when every bite is as packed with nourishment as this book is.

    Join us?

    Or, more aptly, join her?

    Really, if you can only read one blog, I really think it should be Cindy’s.


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