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    Quotables: The Blood of the Moon

    March 10, 2010 by Brandy Vencel

    The Blood of the Moon
    by George Grant

    No nation has ever peacefully converted to Islam; every Islamic nation was brought under the dominion of Muhammad’s sickle by Muhammad’s sword.

    {p. 42}

    [W]hile Islam shared a number of important doctrines and dogmas with the two other great Abrahamic faiths, its essential difference was that it taught a means of salvation attainable and achievable by human agency. Man can save himself.

    {p. 43}

    The simple faith of Muhammad was therefore merely that man was adequate. Man could make his own way, earn his own salvation, and exercise his own discipline. For all its praise of Allah, Islam has always been a man-centered faith.

    {p. 45}

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