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    Nature Study: Experiencing the Food Chain

    April 1, 2010 by Brandy Vencel

    I‘m still not back to blogging, but everyone needs to take a break from their labors now and then, right? So, here I am: three children napping, one creating something mysterious, a cup of coffee, and a keyboard. Life is good. And for some reason, I find myself laughing over something that happened over a month ago and I never bothered to write about it.

    This occurrence really was…unexpected.

    I mentioned that we did a short stint raising butterflies in our dining room. It was amazing. These painted lady butterflies ended up incredibly tame. We raised two batches, and both times this happened. I can only conclude that when they spend their infancy on a dining table, they decide that humans aren’t so awful after all.

    With that said, setting them free was a delight. They didn’t automatically fly away, and so I was able to reach in and encourage them to stand on my fingers. All but one allowed themselves to be passed off to children, who held them for quite some time, and then placed them gently on the daisies blooming in our front yard.

    We were mesmerized, especially when some of them even allowed us to pick them back up again.

    Well, when we were releasing the final butterfly, I didn’t realize that a bird had snuck up on us. It all happened so fast, I didn’t even get the chance to try and identify the bird {it wasn’t one of our Usual Suspects}. But I digress. The point is, we held the butterfly up in the breeze, and it took flight. This bird swooped down, seemingly out of nowhere, and gobbled up the butterfly!

    Can you believe it?

    One of my daughters burst into tears, and demanded to know why the bird would do such a thing.

    This reminded me of the time when I took the children to see a baby birdie that had fallen out of its nest and my parents dog snuck around the corner and ate the bird in one bite.

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