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    Backyard Concerts: WOW!

    July 27, 2010 by Brandy Vencel

    So it has been almost two weeks since our backyard concert by The Wintons, and I am still impressed. I don’t know what I expected. On the one hand, I knew they were real professionals, with their own CD even. On the other hand, the concert was in my backyard.

    With the weeds.

    And the ducks.

    Did I mention the weeds?

    And so on.

    So I guess I expected it to be fine, and a lot of fun, and nice to meet Lisa in real life.

    What we got was a real, live, amazing concert.

    And all that other stuff–fun, fellowship, food…and, of course, Lisa and family.

    What can I say? They are good people, those Wintons.

    And, my, can they play! Si cooked up a little clip for the blog. Sorry the angle isn’t better!

    Those Winton men had fingers that flew so fast on the strings, you couldn’t quite see them. It was a joy to hear them play (and sing)!

    If you get the chance, have The Wintons play in your very own yard (or church, or wedding, or birthday party, or what have you). Check their schedule, and if you find they are going to be in your area, look them up and see if you can book them.

    You’ll be glad you did!

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