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    The Monkey Cake

    August 20, 2010 by Brandy Vencel

    [dropcap]B[/dropcap]aby O. is not so babyish anymore. I am heart broken and I’m looking for babies to steal a needy infant to arrive on my doorstep. It is so weird to face a second birthday without throwing up being pregnant. I’ve never done it before.

    Baby O. sleeps with two monkeys every single night, the one he was given, and the one he stole from Q.

    But enough about me and my need for another baby.

    Today, I present an easier cake, The Monkey Cake.

    Here is a quick tutorial.

    First, I used two boxes of cake mixes, and three batches of homemade frosting, but I could have used two safely. However, it is always nice to keep all that extra frosting for the morning of the party {I make cakes a day ahead of time} in order to patch anything that settled overnight.

    The central part of the cake is two 8-inch rounds stacked. The ears are not muffins, but custard cups {two of those stacked on each side making a total of four}. For the mouth/nose, I poured some of the cake batter in a small, oven-safe mixing bowl and carved it a little to give it shape.

    The eyes are Sunkist fruit chews, and the rest is just two colors of frosting — a plain chocolate, and a chocolate with some dark brown coloring added. The cake isn’t quite as orange as it looked; I tried to adjust the color but couldn’t get it to look quite right.

    I had seen a similar cake online, so please don’t think this is my original idea. It is never my original idea.


    Anyhow, I thought my little monkey deserved a monkey cake.

    I can’t believe he’ll be two in just a couple days.

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  • Reply Kristine August 21, 2010 at 5:28 am

    Adorable, Brandy! Nice icing job, too. Mine always look super homemade.
    I know the no-baby feeling. I wonder if a baby will come into our hands someday. I have a three year old who is stuck with being my baby for lack of another in our home. Enjoy the celebrations!

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