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    Reader Poll: Guess What Came in my Mailbox?

    August 30, 2010 by Brandy Vencel

    Hmmm…that was a weird title. But it’s all I’ve got, so we’ll keep it. Just to clarify, I am not polling you to have you guess what appeared in my mail. I’m going to tell you what came in the mail, and then ask you some questions about it.


    Here it is, folks:
    2010 CiRCE Conference CD Set:
    A Contemplation of Liberty

    That’s right! My CiRCE CD’s are here!

    My question, then, is this: how many of you bought them or are planning to buy them soon?

    Last year, I blogged through a number of the CDs, and I am planning to do it again this year, but as a group, for those who are interested. Obviously, with so many of them, it wouldn’t be wise to do them all. But I thought perhaps we could pick half a dozen or a dozen and go through one per week. Those of us participating could reflect on the entire lecture, or just on a single idea we pulled from it–it’d be completely low pressure and informal.

    My question is: who’s up for it? And if you are interested, name your top picks.

    If I could only choose two, I think it’d be Andrew Kern’s A Contemplation of Liberty and Karen Kern’s Freedom and the Moral Imagination

    Anyhow, if I see a lot of interest, I will organize a schedule. Either way, I’ll probably add a Mr. Linky to the bottom of my posts…just in case.

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  • Reply Mystie September 1, 2010 at 2:58 am

    I received 32 CDs and you’re right, none of them are by Pudewa. Huh.

  • Reply Jami M. August 31, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Brandy, About Andrew P. His mother-in-law was ill and he wasn’t able to make it. But he’s confirmed for next summer (Dallas again).

    Attending the conference is truly a wonderful experience. There is no other homeschool conference I’d rather attend. But it is a significant cost, especially if you have to fly. I’m in Austin, so Dallas two years in a row makes me dance with joy.


  • Reply Brandy Afterthoughts August 31, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Dawn, I’m glad you’re going to join us! πŸ™‚

    Mystie, how many CD’s did you get total? I noticed Andrew Pudewa’s name on the front of the binder, but I don’t see anything from him on the inside. Am I missing something?

    Ellen, You made me laugh! I noticed on your blog that you were reading that book! I have never read it, but I have only heard good things. I must say I wonder what it is like to be you–to have received so many of these things. Does it make it easier for you with your own children to not have to unlearn negative school forms? ps. I am sorry I am deficient in the art of baking bread. πŸ™

    Jami, Thank you for your input and I as so happy for you that you got to go in person. Sigh. Perhaps someday. πŸ™‚ I am glad you pointed out Sanker especially–someone had mentioned how great his talk was, but I had forgotten about it until your comment…

  • Reply Jami M. August 31, 2010 at 2:27 am

    I can tell you which ones I loved most, since I was able to attend this year. The first session by Andrew is WONDERFUL, definitely start there. John Hodges “Principle” was excellent. George Sanker’s talk was just so moving, inspiring, and convicting. I can’t wait to read your thoughts as you listen to each one!


  • Reply Ellen August 31, 2010 at 12:26 am

    Brandy, I love ya, girl. I just love how much you like to think deep thoughts. You rock.

    Oh, and I’m just now delving into figuring out exactly what it is that Charlotte Mason advocated. A neighbor loaned me her copy of “A Charlotte Mason Companion.” I may figure all this out after all.

    So far, sounds similar in some ways to how my mom did things when we were little… but also different.

    Oh, and if you bake your own bread and know how to get a loaf without big air bubbles in it, please do tell. =)

    Sorry for hijacking your comments. =)

  • Reply Mystie August 30, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    I should be up for it! Since you already picked the title talk, I’d go for Cultivating the Soul of Liberty by Andrew Kern, Set My Students Free by James Taylor, and The Principle of Cultivation by John Hodges. Sorry, I couldn’t narrow it down to 2. πŸ™‚

  • Reply dawn August 30, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    I think I managed to change my order from CDs to downloads, but need to hear from the Kerns. I’m interested in going along with y’all.

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