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    Grand Conversation: Discussion Questions for AO Y4 {Post the First}

    August 30, 2011 by Brandy Vencel

    I was going to detail which week of the AO year, and then I realized that my weeks don’t match up precisely with the schedule, and that might be more confusing than helpful, so instead I’ll detail the exact reading assignment and then given the questions and that should make sense.

    Before I share my questions, I thought I’d mention that I am not looking for an exact answer here, and I had to tell E.-Age-Nine that because he seemed afraid to speak at first, as if he might get the answer wrong. I finally told him that my goal was to get him thinking and talking about the ideas, and I have my own ideas, and sometimes our ideas will match up, and sometimes they won’t, and that’s okay.

    1. Reading: Madam How and Lady Why Chapter 1, pp. 5-8

      Does Madam How remind you of God? Why or why not?

    2. Reading: Madam How and Lady Why Chapter 1, pp. 8-13

      What does it look like to learn from Madam How? To damage her property?

    3. Reading: Poor Richard pp. 25-31

      Do you think you could make a journey from New York to Philadelphia like that?

    4. Reading: Poor Richard pp. 32-43

      Should Ben have acted as he did in his brother’s shop? What do you think about the Governor? Does he remind you of anyone from Pilgrim’s Progress*?

    5. Reading: This Country of Ours Ch. 31

      Do you think the people should have hid Goff and Whalley?

    6. Reading: The Story Book of Science Ch. 3 & 4**

      Do you remember what the Bible says about ants?

    7. Reading: Robinson Crusoe***

      Do you think Robinson should have sold Xury to the captain? Did he have the right to sell Xury?

      What is the greatest temptation of Robinson’s life at this time? Read. Proverbs 28:20.

      Why do you think Robinson was cast onto the shore rather than drowned? Do you think this is for his good?

    *This particular child was intrigued by the Flatterer; the question might not be fitting for all students.

    **My student is not reading these chapters on the same day, but I only planned on question. I’ll just ask it when it seems most appropriate.

    ***My copy of Robinson Crusoe has neither chapters nor pages that would be helpful to list. Hopefully, you are reading along and can tell where is the best place to ask such questions.

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