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    Grand Conversation: Discussion Questions for AO Y4 {Post 2}

    September 6, 2011 by Brandy Vencel

    So far, post-narration discussion has been going swimmingly. Most of the time, I am not digging through my notebook, reading the questions word for word. Instead, I find that pre-reading with an aim to discuss {which includes preparing questions, of course} is enough to nurture more organic discussion.

    Can I just say that I think Ambleside’s inclusion of Poor Richard is just brilliant? It is amazing to me how many ideas are packed into tiny four- or five-page chapters.

    • Reading: Madam How and Lady Why Chapter 1, pp. 8-top 12 

      {As prep work, we will look at pictures of glens on the computer, as it isn’t a term we use much in the United States.} Do you remember when we used water from the hose to dig holes for the fence posts of the garden? Was it very effective at moving earth?

    • Reading: Poor Richard pp. 45-49

      Do you think Ben was right in cutting Ralph off financially like that? {When he said, “I don’t know,” and explained where he struggled with the decision, we looked up I Thessalonians 3:10-12 to help him inform his thoughts a bit.} What wisdom do you see in how Ben conducts himself in London? If you were Ben, what would you have chosen? Would you have returned home as Denham’s clerk? Or taken the Grand Tour with Wygate?

    • Reading: Poor Richard pp. 50-55

      Read Proverbs 16:21. Do you think Ben was disappointed when Denham died, and with him the dream of becoming a successful merchant? Do you think Ben should have been more attentive to Deborah while he was gone? What do you think of Ben’s Junto club?

    • Reading: This Country of Ours Ch. 32

      Should Philip have led his people against the English? Do you think the English were right to fight back as they did?

    • Reading: The Story Book of Science Ch. 5

      What does Scripture say about what Uncle calls the egoist? The Bible says we might learn lessons from the ant. What lessons are you learning from them so far?

    • Reading: The Story Book of Science Ch. 6

      Do the math and double 1 as high as you can. What lesson do you learn from this concept of a snowball?

    • Reading: The Story Book of Science Ch. 7

      Have you ever noticed plant lice in the orchard? Do you see ladybugs there?

    • Reading: Robinson Crusoe*

      What sort of items would you require were you Robinson?

      Ought Robinson learn to be thankful in his situation?

      What might he be thankful for?

      Have you ever made a chart of goods and evils as Robinson made?

      What would you do at this point if you were Robinson?**

    *My copy of Robinson Crusoe has neither chapters nor pages that would be helpful to list. Hopefully, you are reading along and can tell where is the best place to ask such questions.

    **At this point, one possible exam question for Robinson Crusoe that is on my mind is: Pretend you are preparing your son to be possibly shipwrecked or enter some other survival situation. What thing would you teach him beforehand, that he might do his best upon his island?

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