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    Quotables: The Roots of American Order

    March 22, 2012 by Brandy Vencel
    The Roots of American Order
    by Russell Kirk

    The latter half of the first century before Christ was stirred by many rumors of the approach of a Savior, a Redeemer, a divine being who would bring a new order to mankind. {p. 137}

    Augustine had seen how professed Christians often preferred some fantastic sect or partial truth to the Gospels…{p. 163}

    The function of the state is this: to keep the peace. {p. 163-164}

    Although all states are corrupt in some degree, is does not follow that every political structure is as bad as every other. It does not follow that because laws are badly executed, or perhaps badly framed, mere lawlessness would be preferable. {p. 165}

    [Saint Augustine of Hippo] endeavored to make the Church as near an approximation of the City of God as may be realized in  this world… {p. 172}

    The American order of the soul would be Christian: the responsible freedom of Americans, as Tocqueville would perceive in the nineteenth century, would develop from Christian “mores”–from those habits of thought and action by which men regulate their conduct. And the political order of America, though pluralistic and in part secularized, also would owe much to Christian teaching. {p. 173}

    [T]he Hebrew and Greek and Roman civilizations all had arisen from the soil of religion; and when the power of the cult had declined, those cultures had begun to decay. {p. 173}

    American politics is not a matter of national party conventions or of presidential elections merely: rather, those conventions and elections and all the other contrivances of American practical politics are means of implementing a body of beliefs about the human condition. {p. 174}

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    Thought you might appreciate this blurb from a blogger whom I do not know.

    He gives a link to a pdf file of Henry Van Til’s book on Culture.

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