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    Random GAPS Diet Hint #1:Lunch-Heating Crockpot

    September 21, 2012 by Brandy Vencel

    I‘m getting hits from people looking for GAPS diet help. My first advice is to not do it and run screaming in the other direction, but if you’re determined {as I am} to see this thing through, then I’ll try to post helpful ideas as they come to me…or, more likely, as I read them on other blogs, in which case I’ll send you there to read the really helpful stuff.

    He he.

    I did come across an excellent idea today. My husband doesn’t nearly have the issues the rest of us have, but he’s trying to do the diet as much as possible, which I think is a good thing being that he nearly died of a food poisoning that destroys the gut lining!

    I never know how to send soup to work! We’ve done the insulated thermos-type-holder thing, but you have to make sure you heat the soup up before it leaves the house, and that doesn’t always happen, plus it sometimes cools before he gets a chance to eat. The microwave is a no-no, and they don’t have other options at his office.

    Enter the Lunch Crockpot!

    How awesome is this? I’m so excited about it! There is a removable 20-ounce bowl {with lid}, so he can leave the heater at the office, and take the bowl back and forth. Since I’m sending soup with him probably four out of five work days, this will be such a blessing to him, I think.

    No, we don’t have one yet. I’m getting one. This isn’t a review {though I checked and it seems to have gotten good reviews}. But I do think it looks perfect for the job, and the little insert bowl should fit his lunch bag, so we’re good.

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