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    You Know You’re on the GAPS Diet When…

    October 23, 2012 by Brandy Vencel

    We have been on the GAPS Diet for almost two months now, and I must say that some funny things have begun happening. Even though I would say that cravings have subsided overall, that doesn’t mean that our family has stopped thinking about “forbidden” foods. Adam will always want the apple, it seems. Plus, as GAPS is not a forever-diet, we all know that while we might not ever go eat at McDonald’s, there is a very good chance that sourdough bread and sweet potatoes are in our future.

    …Your Son Has a Written Itinerary for His First Non-GAPS Day

    I once joked that our first day back from GAPS would be spent visiting various restaurants. I didn’t expect my children to take me seriously. But E-Age-10 thinks that for breakfast he is going to a local buffet that serves pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and cinnamon rolls, for lunch he’s going to Baja Fresh and getting a burrito, and for dinner he’s going to BJ’s and getting pizza and pizookies.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him there is no way he’d be able to eat all of that.

    …Your Daughters Dream About Food

    My girls have dreams where they are not “on the diet.” They eat cupcakes and ice cream. They hate waking up on those days.

    …Your Littlest Prays About Food

    Yesterday, O-Age-Four was adamant that he was praying before lunch. His prayers are…unconventional. He usually forgets to address the Father and launches straight into thanking Him for things. His prayer made many mentions of his grandparents, which I will leave out, but here is how the rest of it went:

    Thank you for my food….Thank you for Fumper {Thumper the Rabbit}. I love Thumper. I wish he not get scared and run out of his cage and get chased by the goats. Thank you for chocolate. I love chocolate. I wish I could eat chocolate when I not on the diet.

    Amen and amen, son.

    The girls were scandalized! They both confronted me directly. “Mom! He prayed for chocolate! You can’t pray for chocolate!” Thankfully, Pastor Chad had just preached on prayer, and he specifically said we could ask God for what we want {while reminding us that God only promises to give us what we need}. So I said, “Pastor Chad said that we should ask, seek, and knock. Your brother was asking!”

    O-Age-Four loudly agreed that he was only doing what ought to be done.

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    This gives one a good chuckle! I’m glad it’s written down for O. to read when he’s older. Funny, funny!

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