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    Living California History: Farewell to Manzanar

    July 24, 2013 by Brandy Vencel

    Today I’m introducing another installment to my California living history project. For those of you who are new around here, this little project of mine chooses living books for California history that correlate to specific terms and years of the Ambleside Online curriculum. In this case, the book Farewell to Manzanar fits perfectly with Term One of Year Six.

    After this, I’ll be silent on California history for a while. Not much was going on here during the time of the Greeks, you know?


    So here’s the schedule:

    Farewell to Manzanar
    by Jeanne Houston and James D. Houston

    (fits with Ambleside Online, Year Six, Term One)

    Week 1: “What is Pearl Harbor?” (ch. 1), Shikata Ga Nai (ch. 2)
    Week 2: A Different Kind of Sand (ch. 3), A Common Master Plan (ch. 4)
    Week 3: Almost a Family (ch. 5), Whatever He Did Had Flourish (ch. 6)
    Week 4: Fort Lincoln: An Interview (ch. 7), Inu (ch. 8)
    Week 5: The Mess Hall Bells (ch. 9), The Reservoir Shack: An Aside (ch. 10)
    Week 6: Yes Yes No No (ch. 11), Manzanar, U.S.A. (ch. 12)
    Week 7: Outings, Explorations (ch. 13), In the Firebreak (ch. 14)
    Week 8: Departures (ch. 15), Free to Go (ch. 16)
    Week 9: It’s All Starting Over (ch. 17), Ka-ke, Near Hiroshima: April 1946 (ch. 18)
    Week 10: Re-entry (ch. 19), A Double Impulse (ch. 20)
    Week 11: The Girls of My Dreams (ch. 21)
    Week 12: Ten Thousand Voices (ch. 22)

    I read this book when I was around sixth grade age. I hope that means it is appropriate because I don’t have time to pre-read it before I start assigning it. The upside of that is that I always read the chapters before he reads them, and I’m not afraid to halt in the middle if I’ve made a wrong choice.

    And of course I’d tell you if I did that.


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