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    Seven Quick Takes: Kidding Week Edition

    February 28, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    Seven Quick Takes— 1 —

    Whoever said that Duralux glasses do not break has not met my children. I’m over my bitterness, and I’m not going to expand upon this subject. But if it is possible for me to go an entire week without telling you that I’ve again lost or broken something valuable, that’d be great.


    — 2 —

    Last Saturday was totally wild. The week had hummed along nicely but Saturday was crazy. Early in the morning, the framing crew arrived and started building the guest house in earnest. Saturday was also the day that A-Age-Eight became A-Age-Nine. We had planned to have the party at my folks’ house due to the construction. Good thing! I was getting ready to head to their place to set up when Daughter A. came flying into the house screaming, “Mom! Reece is licking up a baby! Reece is licking up a baby!”

    This particular goat labors so quietly that we don’t know she’s working at it unless we look at her directly. She wasn’t due for five more days, so this was a bit unexpected. I spent the next hour out with her. She proceeded to deliver two more babies! That’s right. Our first set of triplets!

    — 3 —

    We did still manage to throw a birthday party. Complete with a unicorn cake, in fact! When Daughter A. picked out the same horse cake I had made her before, I said no, but she insisted I put a horn on it, make it white, and give it a rainbow mane. So there you have it. Completely different cake!

    If I was more serious about cake making I would have bought the prescribed sugar cone for a horn. And it would have looked nicer, no doubt. But I just couldn’t bear to buy a box of cones for a single sake. So I just made a horn out of cake. It isn’t quite as convincing, but it made me happy.

    Or, at least, I was happy until Friend R. told me that she had sugar cones leftover from a Christmas project and I totally could have had one!

    But I’m trying to focus on the happy.


    — 4 —

    Speaking of goats, I am loving the genetics we incorporated this last time. The buck we used was a Mini-Nubian — which means half Nigerian Dwarf and half Nubian. This makes for a compact goat with great milking abilities. It also means…blue eyes! I hadn’t realized they would all end up with them. It’s a nice touch. It took a few days to name them, but the two bucks are called Peter and Edmund and the little black doe is Pepper. We are legally allowed to have three goats on our property, and we’re seriously considering keeping Pepper. We’ll see. We keep them between six and eight weeks, no matter what, so we have plenty of time to decide.

    I know that some of you, in the blog survey, specifically told me to talk less about my beloved goats. But, really, who can resist triplets? And, anyway, I talked about cake, too, so we’re cool, right?

    — 5 —

    This past week has been our Sabbath week, our week off from lessons. It was supposed to be awesome and wonderful, but I’m feeling sort of mixed about it. Much of it was like a bad country song: my truck broke down {or, at least, there seem to be transmission troubles on the horizon}, there was way too much fighting, and my favorite only pair of sunglasses broke. I even ran out of cream for my coffee. They say that when it rains, it pours.

    I don’t really know why they say that, though.

    We’re in a drought.


    — 6 —

    So, my treadmill arrived. You know what my first workout was? A 2.5 hour marathon of putting the crazy thing together! Maybe, instead of walking while listening to podcasts, I should simply open some sort of assembly business? I’ll let you know how my 10000 steps goal goes. Rather than walking on Wednesday, I got depressed about my aforementioned difficulties and ate chocolate chips instead.

    We have a lot of work ahead of us, don’t we?


    — 7 —

    And now it’s time for the guest house update. I can’t believe the transformation since last week, when all we had was a concrete slab! The house has been framed, the roof felt is on, the central air system has begun to be installed, windows are in, and more.

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