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    Seven Quick Takes: Podcast, Top Secret Project Unveiling, and More!

    April 25, 2014 by Brandy Vencel
    — 1 —

    Guess what I did last week?
     I recorded a podcast with Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things! We talked about mothering from a state of rest, applying Josef Pieper’s wisdom to our everyday lives, and…well, you’ll just have to listen to it to know more. The podcast will be packaged as part of an audio companion to go with Sarah’s amazing new ebook, Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace. Which is fabulous, though not yet finished. I got to read a galley copy, though, so when I say it is “fabulous” I am not guessing.

    I will be sure to announce it here when she releases it…I’m hoping she’ll give me a discount code or something for you all {hint hint}.

    — 2 —

    I think I mentioned some Top Secret Projects I was working on. Well, I mentioned one. And the one I’m announcing today is not what I was talking about before. That one, I’m still sitting on. But Sarah gave me permission to share one of her many brain children, and this is one I’m particularly excited about because I even get to be a regular contributor!

    It’s called Scholé Sisters, and it’s a new blog for moms debuting in July 2014. It’s going to be fantastic. Hop on over and subscribe!

    — 3 —

    Each of the kids chose a simple, fun thing to do during our week off for Holy Week. {I added “simple” after they demanded a beach trip. Ahem.} Q-Age-Seven, daughter after my own heart, chose the local used bookstore.

    Oh my.

    The photo at right is what I bought for $14.20. How they stay in business is beyond me; they must do a huge amount of volume to make up for their ultra low prices.

    In case you cannot read all the titles, I bought:

    — 4 —

    I’m starting to get excited about my talk for this year’s conference. I’ve been thinking about it daily, sort of piecing it together in my mind. I love doing this because then writing it down is more like transcription than anything else. Oh, the ideas! The beautiful ideas!

    I’m having a blast.

    — 5 —

    Have you seen the pretty organizational printables from Pam over at Everyday Snapshots? I liked them so much, I became an affiliate. Here is the cool thing: if you subscribe to her blog, she gives you a bunch of them for free. Then, you can purchase expansion packs as you desire them {using my affiliate link cough cough hint hint}. I was using some printables like this already — such as an at-a-glance calendar where you can see the whole year at once — but this one is oh. so. much. prettier.

    — 6 —

    Speaking of Pam, did you see her post about homeschool scheduling options? I guess I was aware of most of these options, but I never really sat down and thought about a solid description of them and how or why someone might plan to use one over another. If you are trying to figure out how to plan your year, I would highly suggest her post.

    I think what I do fits into the term scheduling. We, like Mystie, do six weeks on and one week off. This means that we divide each of the 12-week AO terms into six week sets. It works well to do, and it is an easy way to break up the AO schedule.


    Time for the obligatory guest house photo! Today, I’m actually doing a collage of the inside because the outside basically looks the same as last time I posted. We are working on finishing, but there is an inspection we need before we can really complete. Patience, patience, I suppose. It is actually further along than you see in the photos, but I didn’t have time to take new photos after what was done yesterday. The kitchen and bathroom both have granite and sinks now. The shelving in the pantry and closet is all painted white. There is still no floor, but we are really, really close to being move-in ready.

    And that is all for this Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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