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    5 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts for the CM Homeschool Mom

    May 1, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    5 Simple Mother's Day Gifts[dropcap]I[/dropcap] don’t usually write posts like this. Perhaps I have a bad case of the “I wants?” The month of May is a Big Deal around here: our anniversary, my birthday, Mother’s Day, E’s birthday, plus the birthdays and anniversaries of relatives.

    My husband is sometimes at a loss on gift ideas because he has to think of three gifts in one month. I did tell him I’d let him off for one gift of equal-or-greater-value than three combined. A friend of mine recommended that for next time we are thinking of present ideas, we should look into custom coins for our loved ones. You can get coins made to even commemorate special occasions too. It is a thoughtful gift and is something that will last forever.

    He he.

    So I cobbled together a short list of gifts that are great for CM moms and thought I’d share.


      1. A set of Sharpie pens…in all colors! These pens are my favorites. They work well in my Book of Centuries, as well as my commonplace book {because I like a colorful book of quotes, I do!}.
      2. A new commonplace book by Paperblanks. I discovered Paperblanks journals in a little gift shop in Ventura Beach, and I’ve been looking for them on Amazon ever since. It would have helped if I could have remembered the name! Thankfully, I recognized the name when I stumbled across one today. They are reasonably priced, and yet not a price I’d pay on my own, for myself. However, comma, they are gorgeous, and a good price for a gift.
      3. A new nature journal, perhaps this hardcover, spiral-bound one by Pentalic? This is what the children and I use. I love the spiral binding because that means my pages always lay flat. It’s a good size for toting around with us, the watercolor paper is wonderfully thick, and the hardcover means Damage Control. We’re not exactly easy on our journals.
      4. A field guide! We like Kaufman. I think it helps to get field guides written by the same author because they tend to be similarly organized. The hardest thing for me was learning to use a field guide in the first place! So check her shelves, and find out what she already has.
      5. A beautiful Spurgeon devotional, to keep her grounded. Morning and Evening is Spurgeon’s most famous work, and now there is an inexpensive {yet beautifully bound} copy available just in time for Mother’s Day. We know that Miss Mason started off her days with devotional reading, and if a mom imitated her in only one thing, this would be the Best Thing. Each calendar day has both a morning and evening reading. They are encouraging, profound, and short enough to fit in between math and diaper changes.

    What other ideas do you have for CM gifts? These double for birthdays, of course!

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