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    Posted: Best Post on Someone Else’s Blog

    May 7, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    This month’s posted is for Best Post on Someone Else’s Blog. I have a number of favorite blogs, but narrowing something down to a “best post” or even a “one of my favorites” post is a challenge, especially because I have a few blogs I’ve been reading longer than I’ve been blogging, meaning around a decade.

    Like Cindy. That is hard to believe, actually, that I’ve been reading her blog for about a decade. No wonder I feel like I’ve watched her brood grow up! I only had one child when I stumbled upon her blog and my whole life changed. It’s hard to choose just one favorite, but here is one from the early days:

    • Why Poetry? I choose it because this post actually changed my life. I wasn’t a poetry person except during a short, hormonal stint in high school. Other than that? No poetry. Cindy opened my eyes. After reading this post, I reached the intellectual point of seeing I was wrong. It would still take years for my heart to come into line with what I knew was right, but this was the starting place.
    Another blog I’ve read is Lanier’s Books. Lanier is a wonderful, lyrical writer, and she is so completely opposite from me that I can’t help but adore her, even though we’ve never met. She seems so elegant and poetic. Even her goat-keeping seems more beautiful than mine. She has written many enchanting posts over the years, but one I found most touching was this tribute to friendship:
    If you don’t have a blog, and you want to participate in posted, you really can just find your favorite post on someone’s blog and link it directly. I just wanted to add a bit of explanation.

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