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    August 25, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be DoneMy friend Mystie is my personal organization guru. I know that when I make a mess of something, I can email her or talk to her, and she’ll help me fix it.

    So, the other day, she asks, “What would you say is your biggest situational challenge to your organization efforts right now?”

    Oh, my.

    I’m doing better than I was doing the first half of the summer when I was drowning in conference and working the equivalent of a full-time job in hours, while pretending to be a stay-at-home mom.

    But still.

    What I told her is that

    I just wear so many hats. So obviously: prioritizing. This is pretty much always my biggest issue, I just didn’t realize it until recently. I need to prioritize the various jobs I do, but then also I need to assign priorities within each job and…I’m not naturally a detail person, so I just wing it and eventually things get done. But I’m pretty sure there is a better way.

    Pretty sure? After doing some thinking this summer, I became painfully aware that there is a better way.

    I work intuitively, and, on the whole, my intuition isn’t half bad {if I do say so myself}. But after structuring our school for the year and working the new schedule for a week, I realized that the same sort of thing could be revolutionary for the other things I do. Our week went oh so smoothly. Yes, we had a few bumps and hiccups, but in general the schedule worked and everyone blossomed within the structure.

    A well-planned school day is a beautiful thing. I want that for the rest of my duties, too.

    So Mystie replied, “Brain dump & the vocation module will be just the ticket.,” and I’m all, “WHAT??”

    {Actually, I told her I loved her, but work with me here.}

    I knew she always had it in her to help people because she has helped me so very much. Siah was complementing me on something the other day and I basically told him to thank Mystie because she was the reason it was working out this way.

    So Mystie has created an online, self-paced organizational course. She had me at the subtitle! It’s called Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must be Done. Anyone who quotes Goethe in their subtitle has both my respect and my attention.

    I kiddeth not.

    Anyhow, Mystie gave me an advance copy of her new e-course for Simplified Organization, and can I just say that it is fantastic? She’s not just talking about technique. She’s talking about Scripture and virtue and expressing truth with our lives.

    I also love that this is self-paced. I can work on it a bit at a time, building good habits as I go along. This is important because change overwhelms me, especially one that feels a bit out of my nature. I like that I can go slowly, or repeat things as I need to, and that there is no pressure to “keep up with the class.”

    Anyhow, I thought that some of you might be like me, and ready for some fresh thoughts on organization as we start this new school year. Also, Mystie gave me a discount code. {You were hoping for that, weren’t you?} From now until September 4 you can use the code backtoschool to get $30 off the regular $99 price.


    Also: I think that as I work through the course, I’ll be sharing my progress as a “take” in my Friday posts. If any of you are taking it, I’d love to hear about your progress in the comments!

    Get organized. Stay organized.

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