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    Seven Quick Takes: Quitting Milk, Favorite Books, Movies, and More!

    September 19, 2014 by Brandy Vencel
    — 1 —

    Did I ever tell you that I quit drinking our goat milk? It’s really sad, actually. I’ve worked hard on our taste quality, and I love our milk.

    But here’s the deal {and I’m sharing this in case you’ve ever had mysterious health issues like me}: I started getting a little achy. And then, I was really achy. I mean, so achy that I started doing research on whether I had gotten Lyme Disease again — was it possible that it was never really gone, but only lying dormant, ready to pounce on me unawares years later?

    I basically freaked myself out.

    But then, I stumbled upon something that mentioned this is a possibly issue some people have with dairy products, and of course I knew I drank a lot of milk. And I am always one to try the diet and supplement route first.

    So, I quit goat milk. Cold turkey, baby!

    And then an amazing thing happened: I got a little less achy every day, until all my pain was basically gone.

    Now, is this a true allergy? I don’t know. I know I could go in and have my husband test and eliminate it, if that’s what it is. But since I was able to effect a cure myself, I haven’t really made the time for that. I probably should, and it’s on my list, but for now, I’m just not drinking milk.

    — 2 —

    I feel like we’re hitting the homeschool jackpot lately. First, it was the informal logic class. I mean, yes, I have been accused {both fairly and unfairly} of all sorts of fallacies since the class started, but it’s a class and I don’t have to teach it, so basically we’re good. I love to teach, but I can hand one thing off without batting an eye.

    Another thing I’ve prayed about this year is art class. I just don’t think I’m the best teacher because I’m not an artist. I’m just Better Than a Child, which is not at all the same thing. Well, lo and behold!, we received an email this week inviting two of our children to a 6-week realistic drawing class given by a mom from our church. I am so happy about this!

    — 3 —

    I asked my children what their favorite books were so far this year. I am no end of surprised by some of their answers! E-Age-Twelve, Year Seven, said The Birth of Britain, which was shortly followed by every other book on this year’s list, which really isn’t shocking to me. I was surprised that Churchill came out of his mouth first, though. That was interesting.

    A-Age-Nine unequivocally chose Robinson Crusoe, which floored me, people! This is my less academic child! And she loves a real deal classic that is hard! I’m using so many exclamation points because I’m so excited about that.

    Q-Age-Seven says that for her, it’s a tie between Parables of Nature and Minn of the Mississippi. {I’ve combined the girls for geography this year, which is why she’s doing Minn at age seven.}

    True to form, O-Age-Six refused to tell me a favorite book, instead insisting upon his love for MEP math. We’re doing the reception year, but he tries to spy on the math his sisters do, too. Generally, I know his favorite book is always our lunchtime read aloud. It doesn’t matter what we’re reading, the current read aloud is always his favorite.

    — 4 —

    My youngest apparently lives in an alternate universe in which the worst thing that can possibly happen to you is to not get to do math. I am not kidding. After three in a row who resist math in the early years, I have suddenly hit upon a true math-lover. The worst punishment I can think of for him is to say that he cannot do math. He not only does his own math, but sneaks into his sisters’ lessons and then gets in trouble for shouting the answers before they do. {I would combine him with them except that he’d be totally annoying.}

    In the afternoons, he steals my white board and writes equations. This, even though I haven’t taught him to write equations yet.

    — 5 —

    Okay, I am not trying to be annoying with repeatedly mentioning my 31 Days of Charlotte Mason Myths series that is coming up next month, but oh. my. gosh! If you recall, I was not going to do 31 Days this year. I even told an acquaintance that last year’s series totally wore me out, and I didn’t have an idea for a good series anyhow. I don’t just want to fill the days with nonsense. If we’re going to post every day for that amount of time, it better be worthwhile — a good use of my time in writing or formatting or whatever, and a good use in readers’ time reading.

    So the guest posts have started to roll in and I’m astounded. These are better than I even hoped for and…well…I think it’s all going to end up being an amazing gift to the CM community.

    This week, I’ve read a post from Kathy Livingston on how reading is taught in a CM education, from Karen Glass on the classical principle of multum non multa, from Anne White on how CM is so much more than narration, and I’ve got a post from Silvia sitting on deck, waiting for formatting. These are so. good. These women have thought and written and thought more and rewritten and poured their hearts into this. I cannot wait for it all to be ready!

    — 6 —

    We haven’t talked movies in a while, people. Siah and I basically have a standing movie night on Friday nights. We’re both so drained from the week, that watching a movie is pretty much all we’re capable of. Here are a few we’ve watched recently:

    • Kon Tiki: This one was really, really good! I haven’t read the book it’s based upon, so of course I don’t know how they ruined it, which always helps. Kept me in suspense more than I expected.
    • Upside Down: This one was an almost for me. As in: I almost loved it. I wanted to love it because the concept was interesting. It was still worth watching. It just wasn’t excellent the way I’d hoped. The plot was muddled by political statements the writer was obviously dying to make about Big Oil and such.
    • Saving Mr. Banks: Also good! SPOILER ALERT: I was disappointed that the real Mary Poppins did not actually save the real Mr. Banks. I find it interesting that she was the hero of the books later written about her.
    • 12 Years a Slave: This one is what’s on deck for tonight, so I don’t yet have an opinion, but I’m excited about it.
    So that is our past month of movie watching. Have you watched any good movies lately?
    We’re planning a beach trip soon! Have I mentioned lately how much I love the beach? Love. I’m so excited.

    And that is all for this Friday. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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