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    Seven Quick Takes: Black Friday Edition

    November 28, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    :: 1 ::

    I’m having a Black Friday sale! If you purchase the Start Here PDF ebook from the shop, you can get 25% off this weekend only using the code friday2014.

    :: 2 ::

    Speaking of finding a scholé group, Afterthinker Lisa V. wants to share a bit about her group with you today:

    Two and a half years ago I was privileged to go our local homeschool convention and hear Catherine Levison speak. It was such an inspiring weekend! As a result of that weekend, one of my girlfriends hosted several evenings for those of us who were blessed by that convention and we spent those evening’s enjoying good food and discussing Charlotte Mason principles. That fell by the wayside as life got busy and something formal {we were trying to work through Brandy’s initial 20 Principles study at the time} was just too difficult for us to keep going at the time.

    A couple months ago inspired by Sarah’s post on Schole Sisters, I sent an invitation to those ladies and suggested we try again with a more informal purpose. This led to a wonderful evening chatting, enjoying dessert and spending some time with watercolours. One of these lovely ladies has been an artist all her life and even spent some time studying art and she blessed us with an informal lesson. Life gets messy and busy, but these evenings are so worth the effort it takes to make them happen.

    And oh my goodness. Click here to take a look at her paintings from that evening! They were just gorgeous.

    Our group is going to do a couple watercolor lessons in 2015 and this makes me even more excited!

    :: 3 ::

    After my most recent scholé post, someone mentioned trying to find a group. There is a listing of Charlotte Mason groups at the Charlotte Mason in Community site that is wonderful. If you run a group, please put your group on the list so that others can find it. If you’re looking for a group, and they don’t have one in your area, consider starting a group! My advice is to keep it simple: choose a coffee shop to meet at, read something, and set a date to talk about it.

    :: 4 ::

    I made a simple Facebook Advent-themed cover image for you. Actually, I made it for me but thought I’d share it with you. Feel free to save it and use it as you like. All I ask is that you don’t alter it. Thanks!

    Yes, that is the Latin for O come, o come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel.

    And I didn’t watermark it because I think it looks better without.

    :: 5 ::

    Catie mentioned a gift guide for the littles. I’m not up for doing another guide because that one took a long more time and energy than I planned, but I thought I’d share a few things we’re buying our own children. We don’t have very elaborate Christmases here, and we give the children three gifts: something to read, something to wear, and something to enjoy. I used to say “something to play with” but some of the children are old enough now that they think that sounds silly.

    So here is the list of books I’ve bought! They are getting more than one book because I’ve had a lot of great used bookstore finds lately, making multiple books affordable.


    :: 6 ::

    I read fiction and literature just for me in December and summer. I’m trying to decide what to read. I did some Jules Verne this summer. I’m thinking about trying for a Jane Austen title I’ve never read — meaning either Emma or Persuasion. I don’t know. I’m feeling a little uninspired. Any favorites you want to suggest?

    :: 7 ::

    We recently finished Rob Roy as our family read aloud, much to my husband’s delight. He didn’t really like it. To be fair, my Scottish accent is lacking {← understatement}. Naturally, he got to choose the next title. This way, he can take the fall for it if he hates it. He chose Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini. So far, so good!

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