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    Seven Quick Takes: Movies, Finishing Term 1, the Cousins, and More!

    November 21, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    :: 1 ::

    So we finished Term 1! And then we did the first week of Term 2 because Thanksgiving is so late this year, but I didn’t want to take this week off — I wanted Thanksgiving week off. So we did a week. It was sort of fun because a new term usually means a new book or two or five, and starting new books is one of my favorite things to do.

    :: 2 ::

    Last Friday, we watched a movie called About Time. Initially, I wasn’t sure this was a good decision. I figured out later that I had accidentally rented an R-rated movie, something we usually only do if it is R for violence {because I don’t like watching p*rn ahem}. In this instance, I did have to do a bit of fast-forwarding.

    I’m telling you this as a warning, in case the rest of what I say entices you to watch it. I don’t want you to come back saying I didn’t warn you. I. did. warn. you.

    I also warn you that you might like this movie. So. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie about time travel that manages to not feel like a sci fi film.It’s incredibly moving, and I admit that I cried near the end. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’ll just say that the movie refreshingly portrayed a family — a family that really, actively cared for its members. A family that learned to be thoughtful about what matters.

    Dare I call this movie excellent?

    I might.

    :: 3 ::

    Tonight’s movie {because Friday is movie night for Si and I — or should I say Sinai?} is Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Yea, verily, it’s a little different from that other movie. You see, I try to alternate movies that are really for me with movies that are mostly for Si and what I find is that we usually end up liking each other’s movies anyhow.

    My guess is that it’ll be Just Another Action Film, which is fine because that is what I was going for.

    Have you noticed there are a lot of heroes named Jack lately?

    Just an observation…

    :: 4 ::

    If you perused the gift guide that came in your email yesterday, be aware that I made a couple updates. First, it came to my attention that some of you are running ad blocking software that prevents you from seeing images hosted on Amazon’s servers. That is too bad because Amazon book images are to my website like real book are to my house: decorating opportunities. Ha! To accommodate this, I added simple text links at the bottom of each section. Not nearly as pretty, but totally functional.

    Additionally, I added an ad for Craftsy to the handicrafts section. I only recently became aware of this company, and I forgot to include it before publication. This is a fantastic source of  online training in handicrafts, if you don’t have anything available locally. I get to take one class for free, and I’m trying to decide which one. Drawing and embroidery are my top two. What would you take, if you could choose anything?


    :: 5 ::

    Those of you on Facebook already know, but I thought I’d confess it here: I’m doing THM. This is something I thought I’d never, ever do. I already eat cook-from-scratch, raise-your-own-milk healthy most of the time. But when my cousin and sister started it and saw amazing results — and we all have thyroid issues, mind you — I thought that perhaps I’d give it a whirl. So far, I don’t mind it much. The recipes are doable for a family. And at about Day 10, I got more energetic. If that lasts, that alone will be worth it, as I’ve been dragging lately.

    The funny thing is, the plan actually makes me eat more often than I normally would, so I can’t complain. Plus, it is in favor of smoothies, meaning it’ll work long term for me.

    :: 6 ::

    The cousins are coming for Christmas! We are oh so excited. Siah’s twin brother is flying out along with his wife and their four little girls. Two of the girls I have never even met! I’m a little nervous about preparing food for 12 people for a week {something I’ve never done}, but it’s going to be such fun. I can’t wait to get a photo of their girls with our girls.

    I usually take a week or two off the blog at Christmas. That will be extra necessary this year!

    :: 7 ::

    There’s only a little bit of time left in the year. What should we talk about in the next month? I have a few ideas, but I’m open to suggestions.

    And that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • Reply Kansas Mom April 12, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Kansas Dad and I watched About Time this weekend and loved it! Thank you for the recommendation and do tell about any other good movies you come across. I rarely watch movies and like them to be worth the time when I do.

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