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    Third Day Naturals are Basically Awesome

    December 10, 2014 by Brandy Vencel

    [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen Sarah from Third Day Naturals offered to send me some products to review, I was thrilled. Their products are right up my alley — body products that are safe enough to eat {not that I’m suggesting you actually do that}. Non-toxic and even nourishing ingredients in yummy scents? Made by a family that cares about education the same way I care about education? What’s not to love?

    So the package came in the mail and the first thing I did was open up the Wonder Balm and touch it. It felt normal enough. So then, I kept hoping that one of my children would hurt themselves so that we could try it out. Twisted, I know. I waited for daaaaaayyyyssss! My normally accident-prone children suddenly figured out how to navigate a room without scraping up their skin or burning themselves.

    But my disappointment didn’t last forever, and eventually someone did burn himself a bit on a hot pan on the stove top. I whipped out the Wonder Balm and you know what? It didn’t even blister! Plus, there is something consoling to a child about doing something to help it, and my kids are past the age where they fall for the kisses-are-healing bit. So this was great. I’m really looking forward to using it in the spring on my daughter who attracts insect bites and stings like crazy.

    I’ve used bar lotions for years, so it didn’t surprise me that I liked that product, but what was a surprise was how handy the lotion stick is. My children manage to make a mess when they “borrow” my lotions. They just aren’t that careful. This lotion stick is fantastic! We’re out and about and someone shows me some chapped skin? I just whip this out — it’s like a giant tube of chapstick — and rub it on. I notice dry knees right before church? Easily fixed, and without getting lotion all over my hands. This stuff is basically awesome {hence the title of this post}.

    I loved everything Sarah sent, actually. The soap is divine, the sugar scrub is incredible {and the ingredients were the best I’ve ever seen}, and the lip balm makes me so happy. I happen to adore scented lip balm, but most natural kinds only come in plain or minty. Third Day Naturals, on the other hand, offers chocolate, vanilla {which is my signature scent — I wear vanilla oil a lot}, lime, etc. So much more fun. I’m buying these as stocking stuffers for my kids this year.

    Okay, so obviously I can go on and on about this, but I’ll stop here. Now is your chance to win some! Third Day Naturals has generously offered  to give one of my readers a body butter, sugar scrub, soap, lotion stick, and lip balm {a $39 value!}. You know you want to win this!

    Here’s the entry form:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    Remember that you can add another Twitter entry each day of the contest. Contest ends midnight on 12/15/14.

    If you don’t win, or you don’t want to wait to win, they’ve also offered us a 20% discount code: 20TDN, plus free priority shipping on orders over $35. This discount is only good for two weeks {starting today}, so don’t procrastinate if you want to make a purchase.

    This giveaway is now closed… 🙂

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