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    June 2, 2017 by Brandy Vencel


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    It’s getting hot around here. It’s been a mild spring (for us), but now we’re in that two-week adjustment period where we all feel hot all the time. This will pass; it always does.

    The heat got me thinking about dehydration again — one of my children in particular simply will not drink enough on his own. I think his thirst function is more like a malfunction. 😉 This year, I have a secret helper: Anderson’s Sea Mineral Drops! I don’t use them according to the directions. Instead, I just put a drop or two (or more if it’s a huge glass) into each water cup. Easy peasy!

    Dehydration, which you might already know, isn’t just about water — technically it can be more of an imbalance between water and minerals. So getting both (instead of just filtered water with basically nothing else in it) can be super helpful, especially in the heat.


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    How has your house survived homeschooling this year? Mine is, quite frankly, something of a disaster. You know what? I need a Boss. I need orders to follow. I feel like I’ve returned to a place of incompetence. (I seem to circle back around here every so often.) Earlier this year, I knew the trajectory I was on, and I begged Mystie to whip me into shape.

    And she’s gonna do it!! And she can do it for you, too, if you want her to.

    Her 6-week summer Sweep and Smile study begins June 9, 2017, which is pretty perfect because that is our last day of school. One of my summer goals is decluttering, and that’s one of the main topics she’s covering. I’m pretty stoked about it.

    So … care to join me? Go sign up!


    :: 3 ::

    Are any of you headed to GHC in Ontario, California? And do any of you want to volunteer to help at the AO/CM booth that I’m hosting? If so, please get in contact with me. I would love to get you signed up to help. (Because I definitely need the help, if I’m going to survive the weekend!)

    The conference takes place June 15-17 and it’s going to be great!


    :: 4 ::

    I started reading The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert this week. Or maybe it was last week? I’m about halfway through it now (it’s a slender volume).

    I’ve been meaning to read the book for years, but have never gotten around to it. Oh my. It’s oh so good. I mean, I knew it would be — I had heard too many good things about it for it to be a bad book — but still … sometimes too many good reviews makes my expectations higher than they ought to be, you know? In this case, they were right on. It’s a fantastic book and offers a very moving life story along with a lot of important food for thought.

    Highly recommended!


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    This month in 2014:

    It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since the first post I ever wrote concerning Charlotte Mason’s Mothers’ Education Course. The discovery of that course changed the trajectory of my life!


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    This week’s links collection:


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    Answering your questions:

    Another hard topic … this time, thinking about when our children don’t like the books we’re assigning.

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  • Reply Mariel June 2, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    I’ve been to Matenadaran (the book depository) in Armenia where that manuscript is! 🙂

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