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    Introducing: Swedish Drill Revisited II

    July 30, 2018 by Dawn Duran

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap] have exciting news for those of you who have been using Swedish Drill Revisited in your homeschool this past year: Swedish Drill Revisited II is now available!
    If you have already mastered the content of the original Swedish Drill Revisited and are eager to take your practice to the next level, then Swedish Drill Revisited II is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. It contains new written content, including clarification regarding the layout of the Drill lesson and the teaching of new movements, emphasizes the performance of Swedish Drill as the formation of good physical habits, and provides ideas for how to further advance Drill routines beyond the two options scripted in the manual.

    Swedish Drill Revisited II features eighteen new exercises with embedded links to forty-one new videos not available elsewhere. The clicks to access these new videos provide quicker and cleaner access than the links in the original volume. As was the case with the original volume, Swedish Drill Revisited II includes a linked table of contents as well as images of what the movements should (and should not!) look like paired with the instructions to give your child for each particular exercise. It also includes many helpful teaching tips. This will be particularly useful for those who desire to use the manual directly on your tablet (as a PDF) rather than printing it out. If you have never implemented Swedish Drill in your homes, though, it is advised that you begin with my original Swedish Drill Revisited manual. This new product is a definite progression – a Level II, if you will – and you should only move on to it once the movements and routines in the original Swedish Drill Revisited have been mastered.

    Finally, if you have found Swedish Drill Revisited helpful would you please consider leaving a review? I have received inquiries from interested parents who are reluctant to purchase a product when there are no available reviews.

    In the meantime, take a moment to read what some reviewers on Instagram are saying about it…


    When your children clamor for something, there’s a chance it’s worth clamoring for. And this is one of those things: Swedish Drill! . Drill was practiced in Charlotte Mason’s schools, and we really enjoy incorporating it into our day, not just because Mason recommended it, but because it is good–no, wonderful! . Drill offers a break from big brain work, and it provides opportunities to focus on core strength, proper posture, and the habit of prompt obedience. . I executed drill pretty poorly last year, but thanks to the expert research and thorough instruction of @dawnduran8708 (homeschool mama and physical therapist extraordinaire!), we can easily do it now. . Dawn’s newly-released e-book, “Swedish Drill Revisited: A Modern Approach to Charlotte Mason’s Recommendation for Physical Education,” which includes video demonstrations, makes it practically open-and-go, and I am so thankful. Check out the link in her profile for more information!

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    @charlottemasonirl is focusing on “movement” this week and I wanted to share the best resource on learning and leading Swedish Drill exercises. This book by @dawnduran8708 provides the background and history of Drill, along with research into Mason’s discussion and use of drill in her programs. The best part for me was the last part of the book where actual drill routines are given with real pictures and videos. Finally, Dawn’s training as a physical therapist is invaluable as she incorporates modern research into healthy and safe movements, along with pictures of the incorrect positions. We’ve now been using Drill in our home and co-op and I’ve been able to see how it fits into the Mason paradigm so well. In order to do drill properly, students must practice the habits of attention and proper execution. The other movement breaks we take don’t do this and often seem to leave the children too exhausted or too wound up to sit and focus again. The last picture shows an immersion with @dawnduran8708 at our retreat last summer which was so fun. If you have a chance to learn in person with her, you must! She is as delightful as she is knowledgeable! And, yes, our neighbors probably think we are crazy for doing this with 20 children on our front lawn! Check it out at #charlottemasonirl #swedishdrill #swedishdrillrevisited

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    I look forward to hearing what you think about the latest addition to the Swedish Drill Revisited series!

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