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    Thoughtworthy (Unsubbing, New Podcast Episode, and MORE!)

    July 27, 2018 by Brandy Vencel


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    Important Note: Be very careful when you unsubscribe from my email list. I know we all have cluttered inboxes, but I have a number of people who unsubbed from everything, which means I cannot send some of you information about the Vibrant event (which is tomorrow!), even though you paid to attend! I hope you completed your registration before you did that, because I can’t even figure out who you are at this point… 🙁

    If you registered for Vibrant, but didn’t receive any emails about it yesterday, please contact me — especially if you are planning to attend the Live event on Saturday, but haven’t completely your registration. (Ahem. PAYING is not all you have to do for it to work properly. 🙂 )

    Also: Vibrant is now closed. ♥


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    Another new episode of AfterCast debuted yesterday. This one is all about what to do when you realize something is WRONG with your homeschool:


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    I finished up my summer dates with my children this week. I love doing this because asking them questions about school — their likes and dislikes and so on — really helps me when I need to make scheduling decisions. It’s not that I indulge them necessarily, but it does help me to know where they are at. ♥

    Now to finish making those schedules!


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    This month in 2017:

    Obviously, I did not write this. But my friend Michele did, and she’s basically awesome. She has ten kids and for fun I like to see if she can remember all of their birthdays. She says remarkable things like, “Only six of my kids are school aged.” She’s probably up to seven or so now — but maybe not since she also graduated a few. Anyhow, she really knows how to make AO work for a large family.


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    This week’s links collection:



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