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    Thoughtworthy (Medicine Cabinet, New Podcast Episode, Events Calendar, and MORE!)

    December 14, 2018 by Brandy Vencel

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    :: 1 ::

    It’s cold season, which means I’m stocking my medicine cabinet with supplies. One thing we use regularly, and which I can highly recommend, is Boiron’s Coldcalm. Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional, as you know. But more than that, I’ve found that Coldcalm either really works … or does nothing. There seems to be no middle ground. So you just have to test it. About half of our family uses it with great effect. My guess is it could work for half of your family, too. 😉

    Also: we find it works best if taken right when you feel a cold coming on. My dad did this the other day. He woke up feeling like he was coming down with something, remembered his bossy daughter telling him about Coldcalm, and took a dose every 15 minutes for an hour, plus a fifth dose later in the day; completely knocked it out.


    :: 2 ::

    Yesterday, I kicked off a new season of AfterCast! ♥

    I decided it’d be fun to run this season through the winter time when a lot of other shows (including Scholé Sisters) are usually on break. It’s nice to have something new, hm?

    If you haven’t subscribed yet in your favorite podcast player … you really should! 🙂 


    :: 3 ::

    Did I mention the Afterthoughts 2019 Events Calendar is now available? You can download it for free and use it to plan, for example, when to take Charlotte Mason Boot Camp (if you haven’t yet). I had so many people emailing me about dates of different things that I decided to get organized and then let you in on all my secrets.

    A couple fun new things include the Deep Dives (for Boot Camp alum to continue learning) and the CM Annual Review (a 2-session workshop that teaches a fruitful, meaningful way to wrap up your Charlotte Mason homeschool year).

    Do get your copy of the calendar, just fill out this form and it’ll head to your inbox:


    :: 4 ::

    What are you reading right now? I’m doing what I always do in December, which is trying to finish every book I started in the calendar year, while simultaneously resisting the draw of any new books I’ve acquired and haven’t started.

    It’s basically torture!

    This month so far, I finished The Rector of Justin (good, but hard to read at times) and Atomic Habits (highly recommend — and if you read it, make sure after you are done that you download the free chapter applying the ideas to parenting).

    I’m working on Bleak House, Against the Protestant Gnostics (a re-read for me), and Writing to Learn.

    I’m staring longingly at, among other things, my new copy of On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books by Karen Prior. I don’t usually buy books this time of year, but someone tipped me off that this was less than $10 so I ordered it before the price went up again.


    :: 5 ::

    This month in 2017:

    I still wish I’d had this book when my children were young.


    :: 6 ::

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