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    Thoughtworthy (Fall Retreat, Free Pep Talk, Fiction Novel, and MORE!)

    August 2, 2019 by Brandy Vencel

    :: 1 ::

    TODAY is the LAST DAY of early bird registration for the Laughing Well 2019 fall local online retreats! The price increases TOMORROW so don’t delay! If you’ve been putting it off … STOP. Ha.

    Click here to register now.

    :: 2 ::

    Mystie and I are doing this fun thing next week! It’s FREE, so I hope you all join us. It’s a little pep talk for the upcoming school year taking place Tuesday, August 6 at 1:30 PM Pacific. Click here to register.

    :: 3 ::

    We’ve really been enjoying A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest by J.A. Myhre. I highly recommend it. It’s a unique book, sometimes feeling a little like Narnia, others feeling entirely like its own wonderful thing. We’re enjoying getting to know main character Mu and his assortment of wild animal comrades as he journeys on a quest he knows nothing about. One thing I like so far about the book is that it’s not predictable — we’re only a few chapters from the end, and while I know more than I did at the beginning, I don’t feel like I’m near guessing the ending at all.

    The children are always asking for another chapter, which is a sure sign it’s a winner.

    :: 4 ::

    I finished planning ninth grade this week and made strong headway in regard to twelfth grade as well. If you recall, last year my eldest had a tutor that took over most of his schooling. This meant that he did not do AmblesideOnline Year 11 as originally planned. What he received was excellent — so much so that I was hoping this year would bring more of the same.

    Well, it was not to be (tutor moving on up in his occupation) and so E-Age-Seventeen is back at home with me full time. I’ve been cobbling together a combination of AO Year 11, AO Year 12, and the final things dear to my heart that I think he should have. It’s turning out to be pretty good, I think!

    :: 5 ::

    This month in 2018:

    Reading aloud … it’s one of the great love of my life.

    :: 6 ::

    Did you hear about the fiction book I’m writing? I’m publishing it as a serial, releasing the chapters inside Sistership Premier. I’ve only put up two chapters so far (one this week and one last week). I’m releasing them weekly for a bit (until we have at least four) and then after that I’ll aim for twice monthly.

    It’s called Susie’s Stupendous Sojourn in Homechool Land and it’s Pilgrim’s Progress-style homeschool mom fantasy fiction. (Yes, really.) In other words, it’s quirky.

    I’d love for you to join Sistership Premier and read along. ♥

    :: 7 ::

    This week’s links collection:

    • Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong from The Atlantic
      • Ah, yes. What if? “What if the medicine we have been prescribing is only making matters worse, particularly for poor children? What if the best way to boost reading comprehension is not to drill kids on discrete skills but to teach them, as early as possible, the very things we’ve marginalized—including history, science, and other content that could build the knowledge and vocabulary they need to understand both written texts and the world around them?”
      • I knew this would come back to E.D. Hirsch by the end.
    • Kissing Christianity Goodbye from First Things
      • Read it and weep. Not because Harris was So Important but just because the state of things sometimes seems abominable.
    • ‘It’s a superpower’: how walking makes us healthier, happier and brainier from The Guardian
      • I miss walking outside, but the last two weeks have been hot enough they’ve driven me indoors!
      • I agree on ditching the GPS.
    • Electric Car-Owners Shocked: New Study Confirms EVs Considerably Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars from Zero Hedge
      • No one ever considers the total. Do you know what it costs to, for example, build those fancy windmills? To haul them up with trucks, make the steel, and more? No one does the calculations to proves that they produce more than they use; I’m dubious. Not that I actually think carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

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  • Reply Cristina Reintjes August 2, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    I can only imagine the kinds of characters Susie might be running up against on that journey ???

    • Reply Brandy Vencel August 2, 2019 at 7:00 pm

      Ha! I have a whole journal full of ideas! Inventing the character names was the most fun I’ve had in a long time…

  • Reply Amber Vanderpol August 2, 2019 at 11:01 am

    Oh my, that elementary education article is so sad! Those poor kids. At least some people are thinking and considering how they could serve the children better… as I read the article, I kept thinking of one my favorite Masons quotes: “It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.”

    • Reply Brandy Vencel August 2, 2019 at 11:14 am

      I know! And what a great quote to apply here. ♥ It reminds me of the days when my girls regularly read Island Story aloud to the neighbor kids. They ate it up!

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