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    Thoughtworthy (More School Planning, Governor Recall & More!)

    July 24, 2020 by Brandy Vencel

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    How’s your school planning coming along? I’m halfway done. I finished 8th grade and 5th grade; I still have 10th grade and Circle Time. Plus printing All The Things. That is the secret third half of school planning, amiright?

    If you’re not familiar with my planning posts, here are a few that might be helpful:

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    Rebecca and I spent an evening this week collecting signatures to help recall Governor Newsom. This was by far a nice way to spend an evening. The recall is much more bipartisan compared to last time because the governor has managed to enrage all sorts of people. Last time it was farmers upset about water and public school parents upset about vaccine mandates. This time it was everyone — from people who want kids to go back to school to tattoo artists who can’t pay their rent to others who are tired of being paralyzed by his constant outpouring of new edicts.

    I know some of you are collecting signatures, too, so let me tell you what I think was by far our most brilliant move. We had people sign, yes, but then we offered them a blank petition to take home and collect signatures at work or in their neighborhoods. Not everyone took one, of course — some essential workers hardly have time to buy groceries — but a couple people took more than one sheet. This really maximized our efforts.

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    This month in 2014:

    Back before Scholé Sisters was a podcast and membership community, it was a website featuring longish articles on education. This is one of mine, moved here to Afterthoughts when we reorganized.

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    Podcast episode of the week:

    • The Dan Bongino Show: Ep. 1303 The Disaster Ahead If We Lose This Election
      • What I’m really recommending here is the first 20 (ish) minutes. If you haven’t been paying attention to how George Soros has been funding local political candidates, this is a good example of why and how it matters.

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    This week’s links collection:

    • Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive docs detailing Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life can be UNSEALED in Virginia Giuffre’s defamation case within a week from Daily Mail
      • It’s hard to believe it might be this easy to get that information, but I hope it’s more than gory details, and actual information that will lead to arrests of these criminals. Yuck.
    • Tyranny in Portland? Nah, Stop Signaling To Marxists from The Libertarian Republic
      • When the Antifa crowd started whining to the Libertarians that they should band together against the Man, I wondered what would happen. This response was priceless.
    • PETER HITCHENS: Face masks turn us into voiceless submissives – and it’s not science forcing us to wear them, it’s politics from Daily Mail
      • Interesting opinion piece.
      • As I commented on Instagram yesterday, I think we need to be purposeful about wearing masks as infrequently as possible (unless there is good cause) because it is too easy to dehumanize others when you can’t see their faces. To smile is to promote human contact again.
      • This is important to note: “There is plenty of research showing that the case for muzzles is poor, especially a survey done for the dental profession four years ago, which quietly vanished from the internet after mask opponents began to cite it.” Yes, it’s true: research is disappearing off the internet, and not because it’s flawed, but rather because it doesn’t kowtow to current political preferences of the ruling elite. If I share research you think is important, I recommend you download a copy to your hard drive. Just in case.
    • Goodbye Christian College, Hello Classical School? from The American Conservative
      • “If your intellectual formation includes the broad swath of Western history, going back to the Greeks and Romans up to the modern era, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be caught up eventually in contemporary ideological faddishness, but you will have much more within you upon which to build resistance.”
      • The whole article is worth pondering, I think. The demise of Christian colleges is forthcoming, and I think it’ll come through the predictable door of money — schools accepting government dollars in the form of grants and loans will be expected to teach certain ideologies in conflict with faith, or risk losing the whole organization. When faced with the choice between God and Mammon, I wonder what will happen.

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    Corona reads:

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