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    Introducing Swedish Drill Flash Cards

    November 23, 2020 by Dawn Duran

    Are you looking for a way to spice up your drill routine? Have your children started to anticipate commands before you give them? Or perhaps their performance is starting to look a bit too choreographed? This is where the Swedish Drill Revisited Flash Cards can help!

    But wait – doesn’t it say in Swedish Drill Revisited that the order of the exercises matter? Why, yes. It does say that. Swedish Drill was originally designed to follow a set pattern of categories of movement. In the earliest stages of learning Swedish Drill Revisited your children only know a small number of exercises in each category, so the script can become very predictable. The intention of the specified order of movements was to ensure that you included at least one movement per category in your routine in order to create a well-balanced program. If you use the entire deck of flash cards, then you will achieve the same result.

    Flash cards contain fewer instructions regarding number of repetitions and transitions between exercises. The assumption is that the teacher will be well versed enough with Swedish Drill Revisited by this stage that those additional details are not necessary. The cards are meant to be an easy way to stay consistent with the commands and to easily mix up the order of the routine.

    How might someone use these flash cards? You can ask your child to draw one card and then give the command for you or his siblings to perform the movement listed on the card. Alternately, he can hand the card back to you and allow you to command the student(s) to perform the exercise. You will not perform a complete routine in either of those scenarios, but it can still be a fun way to introduce movement into your school day. You can draw 3-5 cards at a time, and repeat this at various points throughout the school day so that all of the moves would be completed over the course of the day. Alternatively, you can shuffle the entire “deck” of cards and perform a routine in the order in which the movements are given. Finally, you can combine cards from multiple levels and really mix things up!

    I’m sure there are more ways than those described above, and you are only limited by your imagination. Please let us know if you come up with another way to use these cards.

    Please be aware that these cards are not a stand-alone product. In other words, you cannot use these in lieu of the manual. The flash cards are intended to be a supplement rather than a replacement for the whole program. Purchasing these cards without having previously purchased the corresponding manual will not provide the user with a complete and safe experience with Swedish Drill Revisited. (This is so important that Brandy has the shop set up to only allow those who have previously purchased Swedish Drill Revisited to purchase the flash cards.)

    Buy just one level, or purchase all of them (if you have completed the original program, of course!) and mix the cards together for greater variety. I hope you’ll leave a comment to let us know how they fit into your homeschool!

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