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    Spring Reading Recommendations (Plus: Reading Trackers are Here!)

    March 28, 2024 by Brandy Vencel

    I know it’s embarrassingly late (March is almost over, after all), but I decided to post this anyway because I figured that you enjoy some reading inspiration, no matter when it’s given. Personally, what with a long-distance move in January and a child getting married in May, I’ve decided to read more fiction than usual. I find it comforting and calming (well, as long as I choose titles that have that effect on me).

    That doesn’t mean I’m neglecting other categories, but sometimes all my fiction reading is what I read aloud to my children. This year, I’m reading fiction for myself. I even made it a 5×5 category for myself.

    Get Your Mother Culture Habit Tracker Now!

    What are we tracking?

    What exactly are we tracking with these Mother Culture Habit Trackers? Since we can’t track nebulous things like “personal growth” or “feeding the soul with ideas,” we choose instead to track habits that lead to these sorts of ends. We define Mother Culture here according to the original article in The Parents’ Review: 30 minutes per day of reading. Maintain a stack of books (at least one of each) in three categories: stiff, moderately easy, and novel. When it’s time to read, pick up the book you feel fit for.

    It’s that simple!

    Need book ideas? Here is a recommendation for each category to get you started:

    Stiff Book:

    Pax by Tom Holland is the stiff book I’m reading right now. My mother-in-law was kind enough to give it to me for Christmas. After all these years of teaching Plutarch, I find I’ve fallen in love with the history of Rome and Greece. Holland does not disappoint! This book covers later history — it begins in 69 AD.

    Moderately Easy Book:

    Drive by Daniel Pink was the first book I finished this year. It was an easy but interesting read and definitely gave me some food for thought on motivation — specifically on how I go about motivating my teenagers.


    The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton was the first novel I finished this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the first time I’ve read any of Crichton’s earlier work. It was interesting to see how his style changed. Written in 1969, the book is completely devoid of preaching — something the Jurassic Park books are brimming with! It made me wonder if that was something he did only with the character of Ian Malcolm, or whether it runs deeper. Perhaps he tired of people unable to infer the lesson!

    I will have to read more to find out.

    Either way … I wish you happy spring reading, friends! ♥

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  • Reply Mama Rachael March 29, 2024 at 6:08 pm

    PS. I popped my email in that box above for the trackers. Then confirmed my subscription (which I already had anyways), but it never offered me trackers! 🙁

    • Reply Mama Rachael March 29, 2024 at 6:09 pm

      hehehe, got them! I forgot they came in their own email.

    • Reply Brandy Vencel March 30, 2024 at 10:12 am

      Hm. Let me look into it. Sorry. We keep having difficulties with the form and every time I think it is fixed a new issue pops up. I will just manually send you a set so you don’t have to wait on my issues resolving.

  • Reply Mama Rachael March 29, 2024 at 6:05 pm

    You should give Crichton’s older medical focused stories a try 😀 they are of an even different sort! I liked Andromeda Strain. And most of Crichton’s other books, including Jurassic Park. Not sure I caught the sermon there, unless its “life will find a way”.

    • Reply Brandy Vencel March 30, 2024 at 10:11 am

      I actually enjoyed the minisermons in Jurassic Park, but I had a friend who despised them. That moment when Ian Malcolm says they were so busy asking if they could they forgot to ask if they SHOULD was a fantastic mic drop!

      You have convinced me to keep reading more Crichton!

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