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    Afterthoughts Books

    It was a childhood dream of mine to have a publisher’s imprint, and this summer (2017), my dream came true with the publication of In Memoriam: A Tribute to Charlotte Mason.

    It’s definitely starting off on the right foot to start with Charlotte Mason — or more accurately, her philosophical legacy. The Afterthoughts Books version of In Memoriam was lovingly crafted by a team of women whose lives have been touched by Charlotte Mason’s teachings.

    In Memoriam is biography, memoir, and philosophical commentary all in one. It offers the most intimate look at Charlotte Mason from those who knew and loved her best. What did her friends and loved ones think about her? How did they want her remembered after she die? As you read their touching words, you will come to appreciate the tremendous impact of this gifted woman whose philosophy and method of self-education transformed generations of teachers, parents, and students.

    In Memoriam is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace.

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