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    CM 101: Nature Study and Science, Habit Formation, and Mathematics

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    FAQ buttonSo you’ve decided you want to know more about this philosophy called Charlotte Mason. Good for you! There are a lot of ways to do that. The typical way is to either read a secondary source — where someone else has summarized Charlotte Mason for you — or to choose one of Charlotte Mason’s many volumes and read straight through it.

    What I’m offering here is a third way.

    CM 101: Nature Study and Science, Habit Formation, and Mathematics is a topical study of three of the components of a Charlotte Mason education that come up again and again. Each topic has multiple linked reading assignments: some from Miss Mason’s volumes, others from Parents’ Review {the magazine Miss Mason edited}, and also a few good blog posts. Together, they offer a comprehensive view of how Miss Mason presented these topics throughout her works and some ideas about application.

    Affiliate ButtonCM 101: Nature Study and Science, Habit Formation, and Mathematics is appropriate for both group and individual study. For groups that meet once per month, this is three months of curriculum. Individuals may be able to complete it in less time. But keep in mind that speed is not the goal. The goal is understanding and embodiment. Discussion questions are included to help tie philosophy to practice, whether you’re discussing them in a group or journaling your answers.

    There are so many misunderstandings when it comes to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, and most of these stem from not reading her original works. This is a simple, organized way to read what Charlotte Mason wrote on the topics of nature study and science, habit formation, and mathematics.

    Future topics in the CM 101 series will be forthcoming.

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