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    Charlotte Mason Boot Camp

    Registration for the Summer 2024 session of Charlotte Mason Boot Camp will open May 31.

    Want to whip those Charlotte Mason muscles into shape? My 6-week Charlotte Mason Boot Camp* intends to do just that! We’ll take that philosophical flab and turn it into nothing less than confidence. It’ll give you all the growing, stretching, and strengthening you’ve been looking for.

    Use the signup sheet below to join the interest list as this will allow you to be the first to hear about future CMBC sessions:

    The goal for Charlotte Mason Boot Camp is confidence.

    You’re not going to know everything. Nobody does, of course, but even if were possible, it’d take longer than six weeks! However, big progress can be made concerning the basics if you work diligently for a six-week interval.

    CMBC is designed to bring Charlotte Mason’s principles down to the earth in your very own home. Many of the assignments will take principles that seem only theoretical and ask you to think deeply about applying them to your family — your ways of mothering and teaching.

    I want you to end feeling like you are capable of applying Charlotte Mason’s philosophy in your home. Charlotte Mason said that once we grasped her principles, ways of applying them would suggest themselves everywhere we looked. This can be you and me!

    Sometimes, we need to bounce ideas off of others, and that is why we have an online social network for Boot Camp. We run the whole thing through a Mighty Network so that you can support (and be supported by) your fellow campers and discuss your assignments.

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