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    Newbie Tuesday First Volume Resource List

    All the Newbie Tuesday Volume 1 resources in one place, divided by issue.

    Issue 1:


    Aesop’s FablesFor the Children’s SakeA Philosophy of Education

    Issue 2:


    OurselvesDesiring the KingdomWebster’s 1828 DictionaryHome EducationThe Living Page •  Aesop’s Fables •

    Issue 3:


    A Philosophy of EducationParents and ChildrenSchool EducationTen Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your ChildThe Chemical History of a CandleUnderstanding Physicsbooks by Janice VanCleaveAdventures with a MicroscopeThe Mystery of the Periodic TableMicrobe HuntersThe Great Physicistsinsect books by Jean-Henri Fabre

    Issue 4:


    Home Education • A Philosophy of Education • The Shallows

    Issue 5:


    • A Philosophy of Education • Understood Betsy • Ourselves •

    Issue 6:


    • A Philosophy of Education • Ourselves • Fahrenheit 451The Iliad for Boys and GirlsThe Odyssey for Boys and GirlsMathematics: An Instrument for Living TeachingA Briefer History of TimeThe Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

    Issue 7:


    Parents and ChildrenSchool Education • A Philosophy of Education • Home Education • The ElementsJack and Jill •

    Issue 8:

    • Ourselves • Dover artist cards • Home Education • School Education • A Philosophy of Education • The Story of Painting

    Issue 9:


    Math Wrap-UpsBrain Maker

    Issue 10:


    Whatever Happened to Justice?Anne White’s Plutarch booksThe Blue Fairy BookOur Island StoryFifty Famous Stories RetoldThe Omnivore’s Dilemma • Ourselves •

    Issue 11:

     Memorization and the Soul
    • Home Education • Memorization and the SoulThe Book of Memory

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