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    Thoughtworthy (Movies, Logic, Reading Tips & More!)

    June 12, 2020 by Brandy Vencel

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    :: 1 ::

    I haven’t talked about movies in a while, so here are some recommendations and thoughts. These are recommendations for adults. Whether you show them to your teens or not is entirely up to you. Don’t consider me promoting that; we used these for date nights over the house arrest period.

    1. Searching

    Searching was a “good” movie in the general sense — the plot was interesting and made me want to keep watching, there were plenty of twists to increase the thrill of the mystery, etc. But what I enjoyed most was the style. They pulled off the whole movie from the perspective of screens. That’s right. The characters aren’t ever filmed directly, from what I could tell. Instead, you view their activities through texts, cell phones, and computers and you see them do what they do through various cameras (news reports, security cameras, and so on). It’s a fascinatingly modern way of telling the story and I was impressed.

    2. Yesterday

    Yesterday portrays a pseudo Mandela effect plot line without becoming a sci-fi movie. Instead, it’s a lot of fun. Imagine a world in which someone presses the reset button and everything comes back online except … The Beatles. That’s the gist of the movie. This does not feel like every other movie you’ve seen. The music is great and the story is great fun.

    3. Last Christmas

    I was so looking forward to this movie. Honestly, I was sort of horrified by the end. This is Sixth Sense meets Beauty and the Beast (she’s the beast — I found her unlikeable for most of the movie). I don’t want to give away its secrets, but if you watch it you can come back here and commiserate in the comments.

    4. Crazy Rich Asians

    I was on a Henry Golding kick, what can I say? (He’s the new Hugh Grant, don’t you think?) If Bride and Prejudice is a one-off of Pride and Prejudice, this is a one-off of that. It definitely has a Jane Austen feel to the plot line. Important fact: we laughed out loud. I really thought the romance movie was dead so it’s encouraging that they are even being attempted right now.

    :: 2 ::

    Scholé Sisters has a unique opportunity this summer!

    When Steven Rummelsburg (our Spring Training coach) approached us with an idea for a logic class (a real one, not one on fallacies), we were intrigued. When he said logic should be taught through principles, we were ready to get on board. Principles? That was speaking our language.

    A logic class that could train our minds as mothers and fathers and equip us to teach logic to our children organically in our homes? That was a bit of a dream come true. That our high schoolers could just us on our class journey was a big bonus.

    So it’s 24 sessions (three per week for eight weeks) beginning on July 13th. The sessions are two thirds teaching and one third Q&A. We can’t wait!

    If you’d like to join us, click here!

    :: 3 ::

    Remember when you were younger and all the big events happened at once? We spent the first summer after we were married attending something like ten weddings. It was almost every weekend. And then there was the stage where there were a zillion baby showers. Well, now we’ve hit high school graduations. So fun. And so nice to have human contact again.

    :: 4 ::

    This month in 2018:

    If you’re having trouble staying focused when you’re reading, these are my top tips. I have it on good authority that this actually helps.

    :: 5 ::

    Podcast episode of the week:

    • Just Thinking Podcast: Racial Reconciliation
      • This episode was so good … but admittedly it left me with a few questions as well. I keep pondering if I can go down to Valencia and try to meet one of the hosts. He’s not far from me, and I would like to chat.
      • I’ve been binge listening, and they are refreshingly theologically sound. You know it’s a good podcast when you feel challenged to repent or refine your thinking.

    :: 6 ::

    This week’s links collection:

    • Two COVID Positive Hairstylists Served 140 People. Not One Customer Was Infected from The Daily Wire
      • This is good news and reinforces the idea that asymptomatic transmission is mostly not a thing. (An assertion they walked back when they realized people might do crazy things like go to political rallies or, even worse, go to church. You don’t want all those Christians paying for your nation when it’s falling apart. Yes. I feel a little sarcastic today.)
      • Edited to add: I was corrected in the comments. Go read them. 😉
    • Why you can’t win arguments against intersectionality — and shouldn’t try from Medium
      • Skip the arguing and take the logic class I mentioned above. At least you’ll know you’re capable of sound thinking in a world where many aren’t. And I think this will allow you to minister better to others. Sounding thinking can be quite a relief to people caught up in chaos.
    • Seattle protesters storm City Hall, demand mayor resign after driving police out of area, declaring autonomous zone from Fox News
      • We had relatives leave Paris and move back to the US because of zones like this. Sad to see it happening here.
      • Twitter posts made it sound like they have already run out of food in the zone … surprising no one familiar with how things like supply and demand work (especially when your representatives are saying things like “everything here is so nice … it’s all free.” Ironically, it’s called either stealing … or slavery … depending on how you look at it.
      • Also ironically, the CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) has borders with armed guards (like the virus that you can catch if you go to a restaurant, but can’t catch if you are protesting certain things, borders are only unjust if certain people disapprove). You have to show ID to enter the Zone (though presumably you wouldn’t have to show it if you were voting because that is unjust). And also people get the honor of paying tribute to the local war lord for protection. Turns out you can turn seven blocks of America into a typical-looking communist country in only two weeks if you try hard enough. They claim they have been peaceful but seem to have a funny way of defining the term.

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