Flourish: A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Annual Review


Whether you’re a brand new homeschool mom finishing her first year, or well-seasoned homeschool mom with years of experience under your belt, these three sessions will offer you the inspiration and encouragement you need while helping you assess yourself, your individual students, and your homeschool overall — and we’ll finish up by choosing goals for the coming year.

Purchasing Flourish Charlotte Mason Homeschool Annual Review gives you access to the two main sessions that teach you how to do the assessments, the goals minisession the helps you sort and prioritize your assessment data, downloadable PDF guides to lead you through the processes and procedures we discuss in the sessions, and MORE! All of this is designed to help you put the lessons into action right away!

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This is an invitation to look back on last year with grace and wisdom. The theory behind the Flourish Live Event is simple: in order to look forward and plan the coming school year effectively, we first need to look back effectively. So many year-end reviews are focused on whether we checked all our boxes, but Flourish is different. In this two-session live event, Brandy Vencel will lead you through a homeschool annual review process she designed to take a philosophical view and really assess whether what happened in the school year aligned with her Charlotte Mason philosophy and goals.

The Flourish Charlotte Mason Annual Homeschool Review will help you:

  • Assess yourself (Session 1)
    • Think about what is most important in being a good teacher.
  • Assess your students individually (Session 1)
    • Go beyond examinations and ponder the whole child.
  • Assess your homeschool overall (Session 2)
    • Use a Charlotte Mason paradigm to think about strengths and weaknesses in  your homeschool.
  • Select goals for the coming year with the aim of making next year your best school year ever (Session 3)
    • Learn to prioritize.

In addition, you’ll learn a lot about the Charlotte Mason philosophy, educational principles, and MORE!

Come and join us for a time of refreshment and encouragement!

What you’ll get:

  • Access to the two live sessions
  • Printable PDF guidebooks and assessment packets to help you take action on what you learn
  • Permanent personal access to video replays and PDFs


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