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    Growing Vibrant Charlotte Mason Communities: 3-Session Training Seminar for Leaders


    Whether you’re a leader or member of an existing local group, or you’re still a dreamer with a prayer request who needs to make a plan, these three sessions offer you the inspiration and encouragement you need:

    • The Seed: A Vibrant Charlotte Mason Study Group (with Brandy Vencel)
    • The Branches: Vibrant CM Community Activities (with Dawn Duran)
    • Adding Mulch: Q&A Session (with Brandy and Dawn)


    Purchasing this training seminar gives you access to the three sessions above, downloadable guides to lead you through the processes and procedures we’ll discuss in the sessions, and lots of bonus material to help you get organized and inspired. All of this is designed to help you put the lessons into action right away!



    In July 2018, Brandy Vencel and Dawn Duran hosted a live event offering to train leaders (or hopeful leaders!) of local Charlotte Mason communities. The goal was to encourage them, yes, but also to help them with logistics and offer loads of inspiration. This event was so popular that we are now offering the replays here as a three-session training seminar.

    The Vibrant training seminar will help you:

    • develop an action plan for starting your own community
    • inspire you with ideas to implement in your local community
    • decide whether or not participating in a local community is worthwhile for your circumstances
    • set the trajectory for a growing, healthy group
    • avoid pitfalls other groups have fallen into
    • and MORE!

    What you will get:

    • Access to the three live sessions
    • Printable PDFs to help you take action on what you learn
    • Permanent personal access to video replays and PDFs




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