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    Homeopathy: A Charlotte Mason High School Elective

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    Finally, there is a way for high school students to study homeopathy in a Charlotte Mason way. This means real books, narration, notebooks, and more. When you purchase this, you will get the curriculum PDF and video access that includes:

    • Single family license (buy once and use with all the children in your household)
    • Curriculum book list
    • Book buying links and tips
    • Introductory details on homeopathy and remedies
    • 36-week reading schedule (one- and two-year plans both available)
    • Supplies list
    • Instructions on how to keep two specially-designed notebooks
    • Final project assignments
    • 6 video lessons (from Brandy):
      • What is homeopathy?
      • Advanced students and the two-year approach
      • Practicing what you learn
      • Keeping the notebooks
      • Charlotte Mason and the study of homeopathy
      • Christianity and homeopathy (a warning)
    • Recommendations for further study



    You don’t have to give up your Charlotte Mason philosophy when your high schooler wants to study homeopathy. This high school elective is just the ticket to enjoy a rich study of the subject without compromising on your philosophy. The combination of interesting books, notebooks, practice, and targeted projects makes for wonderful introductory exploration of the subject of homeopathy indeed.

    What is homeopathy? This video, an excerpt from a longer video that comes with this curriculum when you buy it, will answer that question for you. It’ll also give you a sense for the flavor of the videos that accompany the curriculum.


    Warning: this curriculum will encourage your student not just to study homeopathy, but to use it. I hope to inspire a lifelong journey of health independence when it comes to life’s little bumps, bruises, and runny noses. To do this, they need to practice. Please be prepared for your student to do some experimenting as the year progresses.

    We hope you will support your students in their studies by encouraging their practice and notebooking, listening attentively to their narrations, and more.


    Frequently Asked Questions

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    [toggle title=”What is the cost of the books and supplies for this curriculum?” state=closed”]

    • There are three main costs involved.
      1. Books: The price varies based upon which book option you choose and whether you are willing to use an eBook/PDF/Kindle version for the most expensive books, but you can easily do it for less than $50.
      2. Notebook supplies: There are two special notebooks I’ve designed to enhance learning. If you have binders and paper and such on hand, probably all you’ll need to invest in are some alphabet dividers.
      3. Homeopathy Kit: If you are brand new to homeopathy and own zero remedies, I recommend buying a kit. The cheapest kit will run you about $70. There are other, better ones that are over twice that.


    [toggle title=”Are the assigned books available from a library?” state=closed”]

    • I did a WorldCat search and found that the biggest library systems do have copies of all of the books, including eBook versions for digital checkout for many of them.


    [toggle title=”Can moms use this curriculum?” state=closed”]

    • Absolutely yes! I designed this in such a way that it would qualify (in my opinion) for a high school credit. But these are my favorite books to quickly get a basic understanding and practice and I think it would be hugely beneficial for a mom to use for self-study.



    1 review for Homeopathy: A Charlotte Mason High School Elective

    1. Lisa Miller (verified owner)

      Purchased this program for my children and was shocked to find out how expensive the books required to actually teach the class are. Most books are out of print or hard to find. And the kindle version are pricey as well. Wish I could get a refund. I wish it would have been more upfront about the book list.

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