Swedish Drill Revisited Bundle


This PDF bundle is for Swedish Drill Revisited, Swedish Drill Revisited II, and Swedish Drill Revisited III instant downloadable.




Swedish Drill Revisited Bundle is Swedish Drill Revisited, Swedish Drill Revisited II and Swedish Drill Revisited III.

Swedish Drill Revisited is exactly what you’ve been waiting for: a 50+ page open-and-go resource for your homeschool! Yes, the majority of the content in this manual is available free of charge in blog posts here on Afterthoughts, but there is additional content concerning the history and background of Swedish Drill, plus an additional exercise that I haven’t shared before on this blog.

Swedish Drill Revisited II features eighteen new exercises with embedded links to forty-one new videos not available elsewhere. The clicks to access these new videos provide quicker and cleaner access than the links in the original volume.

Swedish Drill Revisited III features ten new exercises with embedded links to twenty-one new videos not available elsewhere. It also includes lesson plans for incorporating marching into your homeschool or co-op.

All three volumes include a linked table of contents, many helpful and detailed teaching tips, as well as images of what the movements should (and should not!) look like paired with the instructions to give your child for each particular exercise.

NOTE: This is NOT a Kindle version.

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