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    Newbie Tuesday Second Volume Resource List

    All the Newbie Tuesday Volume 2 resources in one place, divided by issue.

    Issue 1:

    School EducationKlutz Kits String Art • Failure to Connect by Jane Healy •


    Issue 2:

    OurselvesSchool EducationEnglish Literature for Boys and Girls • Island of the World by Michael O’Brien • Tales from Shakespeare • Twelfth NightGrammar of PoetryFaust

    Issue 3:


    The Liberal Arts Tradition by Clark and Jain • The Savior of the World Vol. 1 • From Dawn to Decadence • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made • Plutarch’s LivesOurselves • Parents and Children • Small Creatures in my Back Garden • Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer • Anne White’s Plutarch guides • Paper Sloyd – A Handbook for Primary Grades by Ednah Rich • William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy by Ian Doescher •


    Issue 4:

    The Living PageMind to MindEcclesiastical History of the English People by Venerable Bede • Alfred the Great: Asser’s Life of King Alfred & Other Contemporary SourcesOur Island Story


    Issue 5:

    School EducationNorms and NobilityThe MonocularHome EducationFormation of CharacterThe Jungle BookLittle WomenNewbie Tuesday Vol. 1


    Issue 6:

    Charlotte Mason in One Hour (mp3) • You Are What You Love


    Issue 7:


    School EducationAn Experiment in Criticism by C.S. Lewis • Fifty Famous Stories RetoldChild’s History of the WorldThe Story of the GreeksThe Story of the RomansThe Merry Adventures of Robin HoodOurselvesStories from the History of RomeMemorization and the Soul (mp3) • Mere Motherhood


    Issue 8:

    A Philosophy of EducationRocks, Rivers, and the Changing EarthHaliburton’s Book of MarvelsTending the Heart of Virtue


    Issue 9:

    Home EducationEats, Shoots, and Leaves


    Issue 10:


    Home EducationFormation of CharacterOurselves • Start Here • The Little White Horse


    Issue 11:


    Home Educationsimple needlepoint kitsThe Best Christmas Pageant EverSchool EducationEasy Origami • Klutz Book of Knots* • big supply of origami paper


    *If you buy this used, you need to verify with the seller that it includes the ropes.


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