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    Upcoming Events: None

    Brandy is not currently accepting speaking engagements in 2023.

    Session Titles and Summaries:

    • Masterly Inactivity: Charlotte Mason Secrets to Successfully Leading Your Homeschool
      • As homeschool moms, we don’t always think of ourselves as leaders, and yet here we are with numerous young people looking to us for their education. In this session, we learn something seemingly magical: a non-confrontational, simple approach to leading our children with wisdom.
    • Learning How to Live
      • W.G. de Burgh, a friend of Charlotte Mason’s, once explained that her teachers were different because they realized they “must teach from a flowing stream, not from a stagnant pool.” In this session, we discover what that really means and discuss how to apply the idea to ourselves as modern homeschool moms in order to not just prevent burnout, but really help us flourish in our vocations as teacher-mothers.
    • What’s Love Got to Do With It? Cultivating Your Child’s Affinities
      • Charlotte Mason said that at the end of a child’s education, it doesn’t matter how much a youth knows but rather how much he cares, and how many orders of things he cares about. This was a revolutionary idea for her time! In this session, we will discuss the two aspects of love in education, why care is a good test of an education’s success or failure, what we expect students to care about, and what we can do to help develop our students’ affinities.
    • Start Here: Charlotte Mason in One Hour
      • When Charlotte Mason distilled her immense educational philosophy into a concise form (“20 Principles”), she was forced to highlight only the essentials. In this session, we will follow the internal logic of the 20 Principles and see how they fit together as a comprehensive whole, how they serve to balance one another, and how so many of our mistakes originate from focusing on some of the principles while neglecting others.
    • Thoroughly Christian Education: Charlotte Mason Meets Thomas Aquinas
      • Charlotte Mason encouraged her teachers to ponder a certain Spanish fresco every Sunday afternoon. She believed the characters in this grand painting could impart much wisdom in regard to education, and she wanted all parents to experience this “Great Recognition.” Join us for an intimate look at the fresco, and have your own great recognition of divine knowledge and virtue!
    • Remembering: The Secret Power of a Charlotte Mason Education
      • The art of remembering hinges on paying attention in the first place. That’s why the Charlotte Mason approach is so powerful – this trinity of attention, story, and narration engages the imagination and the emotions to build memories that last.
    • Memorization and the Soul
      • This talk discusses why we memorize, explores principles for choosing what to memorize, and offers some practical tips on how to bring the habit of memorization to your home.
    • Plutarch Immersion Session
      • In this workshop, after a brief discussion of who Plutarch was and why we ought to study him, we jump headlong into Lesson 1 of Plutarch’s Life of Poplicola.
    • Six Steps to Plan a Circle Time
      • After discussing what a Circle Time (or Morning Time) is, we explore how it can help us implement Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and practices. After that, we cover six practical steps on how to plan a Circle Time that will bless your family.
    • Re-imagining Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life
      • When we truly understand what Charlotte Mason meant (and didn’t mean) by atmosphere, discipline, and life, we can begin to use these as tools that will not only serve to make our good days even better, but help us troubleshoot our worst days and redeem them.

    Brandy is not traveling to speak in 2023. For information on why, click here.

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