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    Where to Start with Homeopathy

    I’ve been asked this question so often lately that I thought I’d type out my thoughts once and for all.

    But first: what is homeopathy? Homeopathy is not a synonym for “natural medicine” or “home remedy.” This is a super common misconception. Homeopathy is an actual system of medicine that uses ultra-diluted substances called remedies. These substances are made from vegetables, minerals, metals, infectious agents, and, yes, even toxins. These remedies are usually liquids or tiny sugar pills.

    When you’re reading books by Louisa May Alcott, the doctors are almost always homeopaths. It was a very popular system of medicine before the invention of antibiotics.

    Studying homeopathy can be a useful pursuit for a mother. It allows her to more effectively care for her children, often nursing them at home for minor issues rather than needing to consult a doctor. I can’t tell you how much time and money it’s saved me over the years. (Note: I’m not saying don’t go to a doctor, nor am I saying doctors aren’t needed.)

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    If you want to begin studying homeopathy, here are three things you can do. I don’t think you need to do them in the order they are listed. They are just three great places to start.


    Get a copy of Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Panos and Heimlich.

    This is a wonderful beginner book, and if you try your hand with the remedies, you’ll find yourself referencing it again and again. Don’t begin by using it as a reference. First, read it cover to cover. Then, go back and read it again. Only after the second reading should you try to apply the ideas.

    Familiarize yourself with Joette Calabrese.

    Read her website, and take the basic course if you can. Years ago, I took one of Joette’s courses with some local friends. We still study and exchange treatment ideas to this day! I highly recommend doing it together with others when possible.

    Joette’s approach to homeopathy is quite different from the book above. That’s okay. Both approaches have worked for me, and I find them to be complimentary.


    Try a Facebook group.

    If you’re on Facebook, it might be helpful to join something like the Moms Using Homeopathy group. You’ll learn a bit about homeopathy, you’ll catch wind of which books are favorites, you’ll discover other resources (like podcasts or classes), and you’ll start to learn what are the go-to remedies for families.


    Last but not least…

    In order to actually put any of these ideas into action, you’ll have to acquire numerous homeopathic remedies. Many people like to start with a kit. The one pictured at right isn’t the “best” kit — it’s just an example (albeit a good one). I can tell you from experience that acquiring remedies one at a time can be very frustrating when you are trying to treat a sick person — you will likely have all the remedies … except for the one you need. A kit often (but not always) prevents that.


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