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    Charlotte Mason Boot Camp for Schools and Co-ops

    In the past, we have had people involved with cottage schools and very large homeschool programs inquire about Charlotte Mason Boot Camp as a way of training their teachers. Yes, it works for teachers and not just homeschool moms!

    With that said, the regular CMBC curriculum always has been and will remain homeschool-focused.

    However, I offer special set-ups for schools/co-ops once per year, and that is in the SUMMER. If you are involved with a school or co-op, there are two options to consider:

    1. Have your whole staff join the main CMBC group together.

    Benefits to this include:

    • Cheapest way to do it
    • Takes fewer weeks to complete
    • Larger group gives broader perspective

    2. Have us create a separate CMBC group for just your staff.

    Benefits to this include:

    • Core material reframed for school settings
    • Extra material just for school settings
    • Added confidentiality via extra level of privacy
    • Build staff cohesion by having a private group
    • Final Q&A sessions are teachers/schools only

    How Separate CMBC Groups for Schools/Co-ops Works

    Any school that signs up for this option (even if you only have 4 teachers!) gets their own private group inside the Charlotte Mason Think Tank where their members can interact without anyone other than our hosts and moderators reading/seeing what they say. This is great for keeping things confidential.

    The weekly Q&A sessions are for ALL CMBC groups combined. The questions addressed are pulled from all groups, and the session itself is broadcasted live simultaneously to all groups.

    The difference is that if you have your own private group, all of your comments and conversations (in the feed and in the assignments section) are limited to just your private members, which, as I mentioned above, develops faculty and staff cohesion and fosters confidentiality.

    All groups begin Camp at the same time, but after the main group ends, the private school/co-op groups have extra material that addresses school-specific concerns. This means reading assignments, discussion questions, AND live Q&A sessions.

    Of course, teachers are ALWAYS welcome in the main CMBC group. We homeschoolers always love hearing from teachers who are trying to bring Miss Mason’s ideas to their classrooms. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of this option in case it would be helpful.

    If you want us to set up a special group for your school or co-op this summer, please contact Hayley Beck using this form to get the process started. Deadline is June 1st.

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