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    Be Brave: Laughing at the Days to Come


    Your children need a mom so confident she can laugh at the days to come. Here’s some encouragement to get you headed in the right direction.

    MP3 download, 40 minutes.



    MP3 download, 40 minutes.

    I never could have imagined 2020 when I gave this talk live in 2019, but wow did writing it prepare me to be brave when it felt like the world was falling apart. Proverbs 31 shows us a woman who can laugh at the days to come and right now that seems like a tall order. Let’s take an in-depth look at why (and in Whom) she had such confidence.

    This talk touches on a whole host of things you might not expect: theology proper, Charlotte Mason’s concept of masterly inactivity, preparedness, and more! There’s a whole heap of good advice and loads of encouragement for the weary.


    NOTE: This is an edited audio mp3 file. You already own the video of this talk if you attended the Laughing Well retreat in 2019. Of course, if you remember that retreat, you also know there were a lot of technical difficulties. This mp3 has been edited and cleaned up to achieve the best audio quality we could.


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